Thanks #Mastodon , now I found another way to procrastinate 京綾いいぞ!いいぞ!

China: el gigante de la tecnología que gana terreno en Chile gracias al eCommerce #elmostrador

Cherokee Nation sues drug firms, retailers for flooding communities with opioids

Canada just ruled to uphold net neutrality !

First the queers and furries build a space where they can be themselves.

Then the infosec folks find that it fits well with their values.

Then the communists flock to the first real alternative to capitalist monopoly on shortform burst communication.

Then the artists come to find new walls to paint and nobody to tell them no.

The intellectuals, the chroniclers, the priests and the prophets, singly and in droves.

Slowly, it builds. It's neat to build an oral history from inception. #mastodon

If you enjoy #cooking and #history, I can thoroughly recommend the Jas Townsend & Son youtube channel.

He covers a huge range of 18th Century cooking, as well as re-enacting videos. Very well produced and quite engaging.



Humor hat einen viel zu guten Ruf.

Laut Johannes Chrysostomus hat Jesus kein einziges Mal auf Erden gelacht. Gibt also keinen Grund.

Der Komiker ist ein Diktator. Er nimmt seinem Publikum die Würde aus Gesichtszügen und Habitus und nährt sich von den unbeherrschten Konvulsionen seiner Sklaven.

I wonder when Belgian schools will finally start offering coding classes instead of bs religion/history classes. Kein Mens braucht das...

it seems like there are so many people obsessed with the solider / military lifestyle and aesthetic I don't really understand it.

The JVC 3100R from 1978 (also called the Video Capsule) is a folding TV and AM/FM radio receiver

It also made for a relatively low-budget prop in sci-fi settings

Some @translator usage tips:

- It will now accept language codes that are wrapped in "[]" or "{}" brackets, so "@translator [fr]" is now accepted.

- I updated the instructions page so it now has Japanese and French translations: (though translated by machine)

- You can mention @translator anywhere in your toot; it doesn't have to be at the start of the status.

@translator ja

Microsoft’s Patent Extortion Against Linux Now Targets Watches With Linux on Them

Only a week or two after going for Toyota’s bank account #Microsoft goes after another Japanese giant, #Casio, which uses Android. Microsoft can coexist with Linux only as long as Microsoft is controlling and taxing Linux.

It’s not hard to see why large #Android OEMs are pooling their #patents together. Their common enemy here is notably #Apple and/or Microsoft.


"Let's play a game, to help some of the newcomers make connections: name at least 5-7 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags, so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same."



Anyone interested in an instance like "", to provide a safe testing space, give advice and so on? I'd like to help, but would'nt want to administer... Too newbie.

Wäre jemand interessiert an einer Instanz wie "", als sicherer Testort, um Hilfe zu geben etc.? Ich würde gern helfen, aber nicht administrieren. Bin zu Newbie.

Boost appreciated!

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