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« Avez-vous pensé 😰😰 à vos pauvres agresseurs 😢😢😢 avant de parler de ce qu’ils vous ont fait ?? 😥😥😥😥 »

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LABOR isn’t appealing to me. WORKING for the rest of my life is depressing. I don’t have a dream job bc I don’t dream about working lmaoo

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my boyfriend trying to be supportive

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the reason men in books are so attractive is bc they’re usually written by women 😳🙄

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This is why animators, riggers, digital scene painters, concept artists, compositors and editors really need more credit. twitter.com/tyomateee/status/1

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I’ve been saying “I’ll be fine after I get through this week” for the last 16 weeks

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Now I be like “oh fuck i forgot my mask” like im spiderman or something

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i was taught more about how spaghetti strap tank tops were intolerable than racism

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the fact that black people didn't go and beat everyone's ass for the next 65 years straight for shit like this which wouldve been justified and all we wanted was to peacefully equality and to get rid of racism and white ppl were still like 'um no' twitter.com/ChantsMaldoror/sta

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Unpopular opinion : savoir dire "je ne sais pas”, ça devrait être valorisé

Idem pour "je n'ai pas d'avis", "je préfère rester prudent" et “j'avais tort”

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“pRoTeStS wIlL cAuSe A sEcOnD wAvE” we haven’t even left the first one yet because you and your mates couldn’t resist getting pissed in the park but ok

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i have never in my life been scared to stand in a room w a lgbtq+ person. or a POC. or a muslim. or a hindu. or any religion. you know who i have been scared to stand in a room with?? middle aged straight white males.

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Understand that the call to abolish police is also a call to allocate adequate funds and resources to mental health services, livable wages, food security and all other societal factors which facilitate the ‘crimes’ you believe we need police protection from.

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Timezones are so weird like
it’s june 1 in Australia
May 31 in Canada
and still 1920 in America

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On parle de racisme et de violences policières h24 depuis une semaine et ça fatigue certaines personnes. Imaginez comment nous qui les subissons h24 depuis le jour de notre naissance, on est fatigué. Arrêtez de demander aux noirs de relativiser et de croire qu’ici c’est mieux.

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