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my good sis O-Ren Ishii became queen of the Tokyo Underworld at 25 and y’all paid her DUST

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i think its time we start having this discussion

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i don’t know who needs to hear this, but no one has this range

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important self love comic!

comic by @frannerd@twitter.com

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netflix’s lesbian romcom “the half of it” is coming out in may mark your calendars ladies !!

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my love for her will never end. she inspires me every day

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I saw  again and this truly is the ultimate comic movie glow up.

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my idea of a perfect crime? I’ll show you

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‘what made you decide to have the film in korean’ she asks the korean director who lives in korea and speaks korean and hired a korean cast to play korean characters to make social criticism about class in korea

Les vieux collègues qui t'appellent pendant 5 minutes (et donc interrompent tout le reste de ton boulot) pour te poser 1 question qu'ils auraient pu te demander par écrit en 30 sec :

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girls don't want a boyfriend, girls want zendaya

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11 years ago today Girls' Generation released 'Gee'.

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Me, having fun while doing my art and knowing very well that there are people x193857289 better than me but that’s ok

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