@lambadalambda @rysiek @darkprism still, I guess even this kind of media coverage is better than no coverage. It at least gets people more accustomed to the idea that it is possible to run these kinds of system yourself, in a more community-oriented way, and not have to deal with the problematic business models of the silos.

@Darkprism that's a sharp 180 from "top 5 bad comparisons to twitter that surely means mastodon will die" and "omg William shatner can't delete his account, what trash.".

@Darkprism Seem to remember reading a rather scaving write up about mastodon on mashable today...

@Darkprism @danyork I would like to caution against at least two of the claims: Mastodon need not be a safer and more humane place - a protocol/tool can not guarantee that. Smaller, tight-knit communities can harbor toxic behavior. To wit, hate-groups are more often than not small and tight-knit. Of course, once fake-news penetrates such a group, it sets its root pretty fast.

@danyork @Darkprism What is worse, it is worth remembering that our ids are in the hands of the administrators of our instances. Even after we leave an instance a nefarious admin can cont to use the id. I really hope that this is fixed before it is too late.

@danyork @Aswath Agreed, let's see how the concept evolve. Obviously security is a concern.

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