First post of the year, hopefully that sets a trend for more posts than last year.

Node.js with TypeScript - Setting up a .js app with , , and /#Chai tests

Interesting little feature that a colleague of mine actually found earlier this week while digging through lit-html

First publish to in a while

One of the upsides to the low barrier to entry in the ecosystem is the feeling of accomplishment.

It's great to hear on again after all this time, used to listen to this particular album as a kid.

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"The billionaire chief executive of WhatsApp, Jan Koum, is planning to leave the company after clashing with its parent, Facebook, over the popular messaging service’s strategy and Facebook’s attempts to use its personal data and weaken its encryption, according to people familiar with internal discussions."

If a company wants to "improve your user experience" by gathering your data , they should ask you to fill out a survey.

Taking your data by default is information theft, automatic is data theft.

Placed 3 license on 3 of my projects today. Feels good

I find that when I find a new genre there is always a band that defines that genre for me. For that's Arch Enemy.

Anyone got suggestions for PGP key generators on Windows?

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