I’m so itchy. I’m never going into my uncle in laws backyard again.

Looks like linernotes.club is down again? Anyone heard from @djsundog lately?

Got me some
tonight. Saw them live opening for Budos Band (with which they share some members), and was sold by the first song, the title track off this album. Jay-Z based Roc Boys around the horn sample from this song.

linernotes.club/ looks to be down, so back to my liferaft instance for the time being. Hope all is well in sundogistan @djsundog

I made an art.

It's the first time I've done installation art, and guerilla art at that. I don't expect it to stay up for long, but if you're #nyclocal you can go see it in the North Woods of Central Park.

#NYC #MastoArt

Transcript in the first reply for the visually impaired.

Speaking of David Rose:


David Rose & His Orchestra - Holiday For Strings (1955 Version)

Back when music was...whatever the hell this qualifies as. Pop? Lite Jazz?

Pazz? Jop?

Ok all, I am now

I’ve imported my follows/blocks/etc, and I hope to see you all there. I may post a few reminders here, but that’s all. Thanks to @wonderfall for hosting while they were able to.

Oh man, I want that sweet i.write.codethat.sucks username...

Ok fam, looks like I’ll be migrating this account soon. I will post my new… handle? Host? Nom de toot? What’s the right term for this?

Mastodon doesn’t do tombstoning for followers, like follow forwarding or anything like that, right? I know we can (and am very happy that we can) export blocks/mutes/follows and use them when we migrate. Any other maintenance I should be aware of as I switch hosts?

"hey, now. why the long face?"
"because longer passwords are more secure"

The Dutch are doing amazing things with greenhouses. My wife and I grow a few tomatoes in our backyard; The Netherlands can grow tomatoes more efficiently than anywhere else on earth.

nationalgeographic.com/magazin social.targaryen.house/media/x

The Internet: “Why did Apple go from the iPhone 8 to the iPhone X?”

Dad Joke Tim Cook: “Because Seven Ate Nine! Get it?!”

The Internet: “ …”

Dad Joke Tim Cook: “Come on! I’ve been building up to that joke since 2011!"

google: if you like bandcamp, you probably also like : vaporwave, weird indie shit, satanism
me: yeah sounds about right

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