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twitter asks "what's happening?" mastodon asks "what's on your mind?" both of them can fuck right off. stop asking me shit! mind ya business!

The sun is truly my favorite gargantuan ball of plasma

i don't understand people who believe magic is real who go about their day like the rest of us. if i thought that shit was real i wouldn't be shitposting on twitter all the time, i'd be out there trying to summon a demon, using blood magik, raising the fuckin dead

Issues in contemporary leftism:
Sex work legalization
Prison abolition
Pro-immigrant rights, open borders

Twitter account with a half dozen flags in their bio: "here's why we need to spend more energy on rehabilitating Stalin and the USSR, whose state apparatus was hostile to all those things listed above"

you people have no respect! i exclaim as i watch my kingdom crumble under a tidal wave of popular uprisings & revolution

sneaking into twitter's bathroom while it's down and replacing all its conditioner with mayonnaise

From now on, whenever I tell a personal story, I'm going to finish by saying "so what did we learn?" And look sternly at my audience

I hate it when I discover the true value of friendship

the events depicted in super mario bros actually happened. if you payed attention in school you'd know this

you can put literally anything on a pizza and no one can stop you

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