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twitter asks "what's happening?" mastodon asks "what's on your mind?" both of them can fuck right off. stop asking me shit! mind ya business!

people are out here tryin to steal my sunshine. hey bud, get your own sunshine!!

the new predator movie actually looks pretty good. but then so did the last one, and that did not turn out well

fuck you jules verne. 20,000 leagues under the sea. screw you and your clumsy-ass title. should have called it something cool, like, submarine man or whatever

a quick bit of shop talk - 


this isn't a "sex doll" it's a sex action figure, god

watchin david attenborough's prehistoric planet. this shit's cooler then whatever jurassic world sequel hollywood's crappin out these days. had enough chris pratt for the rest of my days

hate it when i'm about to say something and a vaudeville hook yanks me off the stage

what if there was a guy of some sort - god, making the first of many mistakes

whenever i listen to a catherine polacheck song, i flashback to 2011. i'm listening to chairlift and das racist and playing some saints row the third. its a shit time in my life but at least my knees didn't hurt and i had lived through less trauma

its christmas time, dipshits, put some fuckin tinsel on it!! burn your neighbor's fucking house down, get festive for god sake,!!

i would hate it if the sea peoples disrupted my trade routes and caused a dark age on me. if you're a sea person please never do this

if it was me i simply wouldn't go to a shack in the forest and get possessed by a kandarian demon

Brb going to smoke a bowl with my good friend and coworker Luigi Mario

this thanksgiving get in a fight with your shitty cousin over whether or not we need a vanguard party. kick their ass. do it for me

how about a scary guy that's just the Lymphatic system. how does that strike you? that do it for ya?

the skeleton sure is spooky n scary but how about that nervous system am i right? how about that weird fuck

how about a scary guy that's just the Lymphatic system. how does that strike you? that do it for ya?

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