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twitter asks "what's happening?" mastodon asks "what's on your mind?" both of them can fuck right off. stop asking me shit! mind ya business!

one day, i will learn how to act. at least that's what i tell myself

for a second i couldn't remember if the wu-tang clan was or wasn't something to fuck with. and then i remembered that they weren't

i think it all comes down to my intwnse distaste for doing things

Jorf has 1 liter of punch that is 91% prune juice. He also has plenty of punch that is 71% prune juice. How many liters of the 71% punch will he need to add to the 91% punch to obtain a punch that is 77% prune juice?

twitter was invented when some dipshit white man heard the phrase "dont read the comments" and thought "ah, comments section. what if an entire website was a big comments section"

Screaming the communist manifesto into the hole of an ant hill to radicalize teh worker ants.

atomic blonde was a let down. the bisexual community deserves better

han solo wore the same shirt for over fifty years. that's dedication, right there

Anyone: *makes some kind of Ghostbusters reference*

god of the suburbs takes the day off to eat raisins in his dark garage

a proper gentleman wipes his mouth on the back on the nearest person's shirt on his left. never the right! only slobs and heathen act thusly

running into a floral shop and screaming "you fools, flowers are plant genitals! this is mutilation!" and running out again

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