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:hamburger: regrettable confession sunday :fries: 

Why do so many of Tumblr's post formats not have title fields? Titles are required for valid html with good reason.

Always put talk about Supernatural, Arrow, or Riverdale etc. behind the CW.

Well, here is something to keep you up at night: no wartime US president has ever been voted out.

I wish that someone would buy me one of those temperature-controlled butter dishes.

There's already a couple of troll instances. Is there any way to mute an entire instance from the federated timeline or can only an admin do that?

@candice Oh, if I don't change the privacy settings @ s go the the federated timeline? Wut?

I'm going to sleep now. Feel free to leave me weird or funny messages to wake up to. :eggplant:

Leaving on the midnight train to Georgia *TOOT* *TOOT*

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House Targaryen

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