Guess Mastodon is going to be the cool new thing once Twitter dies

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Find Mastodon instance with the fastest ping time (also works under Win10 "Bash on Ubuntu"):

wget # Fetch "index.html"
# Extract URLs, ping, sort
grep -i https index.html | grep -iv /https/ | grep -o https[^\"]* | sed "s+https://++" | sudo xargs -n 1 ping -w 2 -c 10 | grep time= | sed "s/=/ /" | awk '{ printf "%s\t%s\n", $(NF-1), $0 }' | sort -g -k1,1 | cut -f2-

1. Takes 5 minutes to run.
2. Numeric sort at end doesn't know ints from reals.

Closing a Mastadon tab makes all my notifications disappear

I kind of wish you could follow other instance timelines

If you create your own Mastadon instance does it allow you to create your own client?

The small boop sound that the notification makes is so satisfying

How challenging is it to make a Mastadon client?

House Targaryen

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