Assisted with ransomware cleanup recently. Now I want to figure out how to bootstrap a multi install USB for Windows. Seems like a fun weekend project.

The conversation
SO: do you want to go to x?
Me: not really, I was settling into being in for the night. (Translation, let's spend some time together)

SO: So you going with me?
Me: Where?
SO: x
Me: I don't really wanna go. (See translation above)
SO: OK, see you in a little while
Me: 😑

An employee tried to convince me today that I need an "executive administrative assistant", probably trying to qualify for the position themselves.

So, I'm gonna have to go hammer down at work. It's no more, Mr Nice Guy.

It's been a weird day. I'm exhausted for some reason. Napped half the day and still feel tired.

Hmmm... do I go to Tour de Fat by New Belgium or do I go to child's band competition?
(I kid, it's the competition)

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Oh, #Cloudflare was having issues and brought a lot of websites down with it? That's not great.

But thankfully it's not that hard to roll out your own "DDoS protection" (or caching; just call it caching) setup. Here, you can even use our configs:

Yes, we use them in production, serving sometimes hundreds of thousands views per day.

Patches welcome. #SysAdmin

So I finally got the job. I have a handful of employees who think it's their job to defy the rules. It's gonna be a slog when these few.

What is "nervous"? I don't think I am... Not very, but I'm dwelling a bit on the fact that I haven't heard a decision.

So the interview went pretty well. No idea if they think I'm the best candidate, last time I wasn't. This time, I'm not so nervous but still.. the waiting is going to start to suck.

The interview day is over. The waiting begins.

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Is it my imagination or is every coffee cup in every actor's hand empty?

I will always believe I can tell when an actor is carrying an empty cup. Or carrying an empty suitcase.

Don't care how good the actor... you can't fake that. Why not let them carry a full cup of coffee? If they spill it... reshoot the scene.

And put some fucking bricks in those suitcases!

This time I'm wearing an actual suit jacket for my interview.

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The rich already have Basic Minimum Income: it is called "trust fund stipends."

The rich do not believe they need to earn their wealth. If they did, they would fight to raise inheritance taxes, not lower them.

This isn't new. This is the way money has always worked. The rich are given wealth without effort.

This is so much the case that you can almost say that if you need to expend effort for your money you're upper-middle class at best, and not actually wealthy.

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