This semi promotion means I work on spring break, at least answering calls from staff who won't be working next week.

I truly don't know what to have for breakfast.

Like a scene out of Office Space I am now applying for my own job.

So looking like my local Linux Users Group might be resurrected.

Another Indian food Sunday coming up tomorrow.

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Will you repeat this message so I can find more people?

New instance and my follower export was very much not having everyone in it.
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Everyone loves me and I'm perfect in every way without a single flaw, checkmate liberals.

I've started posting inspirational messages encoded in QR codes at work. Someone has been removed them.

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Office politics is on high swing in my department.
I received a quasi promotion, but they also gave another person the same quasi promotion. Now I have to fight against the undermining of my position.

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Teachers Strike in Denver, Asking for Aid Show more

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@natecull I think the lawyers find contracts more reassuring than tech. I honestly don't know if that's crazy or not.

Just learned today that my last haircut was mid October.

My department is facing an existential moment.
The higher ups want change, I want to be the agent of change but I have to be given the reigns. Right now I'm sharing with someone who is pulling against me.

What is the average number of accounts that Masto users open?
I have 4 with varying degrees of activity and one that is pretty well dead (server 404s all the time)
Same instances or different instances?

It's Friday, the last day of my work week and I'm moving the slowest.
Next week I'll be going in an hour an a half earlier. Monday is a special early day. I'm tired thinking about it.

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