Aaand. It's positive for Covid-19. Still minor symptoms.

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I've been running a temperature just over 99 but not much higher. I'm now running at 100.0.
Test in the morning to either confirm or point to something different. I don't think they will give be dose #2 if I'm exhibiting symptoms.
I'm really just tired, minor fatigue, want to go to bed early.

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Honestly, I'm a big angry, starting to believe I have symptoms but I'm not sure. Will go again on Monday and again when my employer says I have to go to get a negative test to return.
I'm in priority group 1b and had my first dose of the vaccine but never felt invincible (and it was only a few days before exposure)

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So my SO had some symptoms of COVID and took a test on Wednesday. On Thursday results came back positive. We have been safe, wearing masks in public, staying away from people. I was told a coworker complained about symptoms but still went to work and didn't go get a test. Now the same coworker went and got a rapid test (that are most reliable when actively showing symptoms) that came back negative.
Why are people so hung up on their old habits? If you have symptoms, any, just stay home.

I checked my email this morning and went, "crap, I have to go to the office for a few hours." Then it dawned on me, I have VPN access. My mind was stuck from last night when I had to touch a machine to get it to boot after it hanging on a keyboard missing screen.

You can lead a person to FOSS but you can't make them learn how to use it. (Even if it will do *everything* they want)

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uspol, parler 

"if aws can kick parler off they can kick you off too"

yes, you have successfully identified one of the risks of relying on a third party for literally anything, i don't think this is the hot take you think it is...

if a vendor is _critical_ to your operations, you should probably work pretty hard to maintain that relationship

and sometimes, that means not assisting in attempts to overthrow the government...

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something that'd be a good tactical win is for mastodon to keep track of weekly/monthly active users and compare that to the number of listed moderators, and automatically close registration if the ratio of user/mod drops below a certain threshold

Here were go, from FOSS into the fire. Because people want their hands held - or things to be magically all set up how they want.

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Why do people sign up for things, give businesses their work email address? What if they lose their job, retire or get a new job?

A thought just occurred to me, the original system probably has an export function. And here I am, editing a csv file.

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Migrating data for a piece of software because the users wouldn't commit to learning all of the features. Now they have to learn all of the features of a new piece of software, move back to the starting line because the halfway mark is too hard to learn. You can lead a horse to water...

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i dunno how anyone can read asimov and think that rules alone are sufficient to prevent counter-intuitive fuckery

a big thing was how the 3 laws of robotics can be applied and bent in so many ways that are not what anybody expected

So happy to be covering tomato plants to protect them from freezing overnight temps for the second night in a row. In June. In the northern hemisphere.

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re: US politics 

@Elizafox The hypocrisy is so obvious -- how can people not see it?

"Conservatives" are supposedly agitating for "freedom of speech", and have always been big on "private property rights".

"Freedom of speech" means that the government can't stop you from saying things it doesn't like.

"Private property" means, among other things, that you can kick someone off your property if you don't like what they're saying to you.

...and yet here they are trying to use government to suppress the speech of a private entity when it tried to enforce its property rights.

How obviously wrong do they have to be before their last supporters defect?

I am generally a private person, I do not wear my heart on my sleeve. Maybe it's the seclusion, maybe it's the alcohol, today I'm emotional. My mother in law passed away in February. The dog she had moved in with us. He's goofy, playful. He used to growl and bark fiercely at me. Now, in a weird way, he loves me. We play ball.
My wife tells me my MIL "got out" before the world went to shit.
She introduced us, we wouldn't be together without her. Now her dog sleeps beside me.

So, one toxic employee made a huge mistake in judgement, did something stupid (and illegal) against a coworker. That employee is now gone.
Today, another toxic employee, who hasn't managed to update behavior to an acceptable standard chose to resign rather than being fired. We're on the path to having a harmonious workspace.

Tomorrow I will attend the funeral for one of my staff.
This week we have lost brothers, aunts, husbands, mothers. It has been a hell of a week. Despite this, we are strong.

Tomorrow it's back to regular schedule. This break has been great.

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