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i dunno how anyone can read asimov and think that rules alone are sufficient to prevent counter-intuitive fuckery

a big thing was how the 3 laws of robotics can be applied and bent in so many ways that are not what anybody expected

So happy to be covering tomato plants to protect them from freezing overnight temps for the second night in a row. In June. In the northern hemisphere.

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re: US politics 

I am generally a private person, I do not wear my heart on my sleeve. Maybe it's the seclusion, maybe it's the alcohol, today I'm emotional. My mother in law passed away in February. The dog she had moved in with us. He's goofy, playful. He used to growl and bark fiercely at me. Now, in a weird way, he loves me. We play ball.
My wife tells me my MIL "got out" before the world went to shit.
She introduced us, we wouldn't be together without her. Now her dog sleeps beside me.

So, one toxic employee made a huge mistake in judgement, did something stupid (and illegal) against a coworker. That employee is now gone.
Today, another toxic employee, who hasn't managed to update behavior to an acceptable standard chose to resign rather than being fired. We're on the path to having a harmonious workspace.

Tomorrow I will attend the funeral for one of my staff.
This week we have lost brothers, aunts, husbands, mothers. It has been a hell of a week. Despite this, we are strong.

Tomorrow it's back to regular schedule. This break has been great.

that their decision will be honored. Decision, belief, understanding, knowledge of their body... That their right to use the restroom of their choice, *his* choice, will be honored, regardless of the narrow mindedness of pubescent boys.
Thank you. All of you.

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I am willing to keep learning, to continue accepting. For me, there has never been a question of accepting my child. I see you here, outcasts, rebuked by your family. For you, I silently mourn. For you, and for my family, I stand shoulder to shoulder for what is right, what is just, what is human.
I do not post frequently nor vehemently, but this, this requires recognition. That an adult stepped in to tell a child, confident in their body

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So this is me, raising my glass in a toast, to the adults who stepped in and stepped up, offering my child the use of any bathroom he wants, including private/staff bathrooms at the school.
One day, we might see these stories as far fetched as abnormal. For now, we most seek heros in everyday adults who refuse to allow the hate to fester.

To my fedi friends, if I don't stand up for you, with you, it is because I don't know how.

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And it was apparently about bathroom "choice". I have family who think they have to post aggressive bullshit about "protecting" their women from Katelyn Jenner, who doesn't give a f* about your "women" in the bathroom. She just doesn't.
And my child doesn't care about you either, you trans-homo-phobic, pathetic excuse for a human being

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To us, this is a momentary flare up of the omnipresent danger, the hatred that exists in the world. For him, it is potentially life threatening.
At once, I want him to be independent and alternately to ensconce him in a protective cocoon.

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Normally I'm pretty happy about the openness and acceptance of the town I live in. Yes, there are pockets of closed minded people, but we are accepting. Yesterday, I learned of a threat or harassment (I'm not even sure how to classify it) against my trans child. My child is mentally and emotionally strong and apparently oblivious to whatever the threat was. But it shook my wife, it shook me.

I seem to have a number of podcasts with less than 5 minutes left. I'm going to put them all in a playlist and try to remember the rest of the hour as they run out.

I've been running a web and mail server off an old Dell 745. Doing kernel upgrades yesterday and it failed to reboot (power switch never came up to green again)
Fortunately(?) there was another 745 shell on the shelf. I transferred the hard drives and RAM, changed the BIOS config, changed the udev and network config files and it's back online.

Assisted with ransomware cleanup recently. Now I want to figure out how to bootstrap a multi install USB for Windows. Seems like a fun weekend project.

The conversation
SO: do you want to go to x?
Me: not really, I was settling into being in for the night. (Translation, let's spend some time together)

SO: So you going with me?
Me: Where?
SO: x
Me: I don't really wanna go. (See translation above)
SO: OK, see you in a little while
Me: 😑

An employee tried to convince me today that I need an "executive administrative assistant", probably trying to qualify for the position themselves.

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