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@natecull I think the lawyers find contracts more reassuring than tech. I honestly don't know if that's crazy or not.

Just learned today that my last haircut was mid October.

My department is facing an existential moment.
The higher ups want change, I want to be the agent of change but I have to be given the reigns. Right now I'm sharing with someone who is pulling against me.

What is the average number of accounts that Masto users open?
I have 4 with varying degrees of activity and one that is pretty well dead (server 404s all the time)
Same instances or different instances?

It's Friday, the last day of my work week and I'm moving the slowest.
Next week I'll be going in an hour an a half earlier. Monday is a special early day. I'm tired thinking about it.

I'm wearing slippers and I totally don't want to put on real shoes today.

It's Christmas Eve. Our tradition is Thai food with friends.

Deleted former boss's texts (after backing up in multiple formats) and blocked his phone. Not that he would try to contact me but it felt good to do.

So no notice on changed compensation. More hours means more hourly pay but was really hoping to see at least a stipend.

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I'm on the brink of needing a second phone line for my cell phone. I've been playing with free stuff but it's a bit of a convoluted mess.
Have any of you done this successfully? How about pitfalls?

I was gonna unfriend my former boss on FB, realized I wasn't friends. That was awesome!

4 hours of continuing education in a Saturday is enough.

Exiting boss shanked me. What a pathetic excuse for a human being.

~1 day and I can remove my boss's number, first from my favorite contacts (bypasses dnd) and then from contacts completely.
It will be a liberating moment

Friday can't come soon enough this week.
When is supposed to lay out "new" duties. Should also have new compensation.

Could be an important day, or could be meh.
Still gonna have a mental impact.

Just a few more days... My employer *has* to make a decision.

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