How come EVERY person i see on Twitter saying they've moved to mastodon has a account when subscriptions are closed ?


EDIT : ok they're not closed anymore.

seriously @Gargron why do you keep them open ? you're not helping decentralization here man. Don't be greedy let some other instance have their share of newcomers :blobnomcookie:

@jared If it was that simple I would honestly close them forever. The problem is that when I close them, people don't go elsewhere, they leave. It's also a bad look to people who don't understand decentralization, as I have seen from responses to yesterday. Sorry.

I get that some people leave if doors aren't open here. Can't you/someone add like a big banner with alternative instances where to register ?? 😅

I remember when i first joined i ended on as well before eventually moving because i didn't get how the federation worked.

But i'm pretty sure a banner saying "it's closed here, you can go there there or there" might help.

Anyway good luck with all those newcomers hope your servers will manage them 😉

Maybe add the instance picker from on your instance homepage?


@jared @Gargron Or put a link to a randomly chosen generalist instance?

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