Ha, racist apologist white guy is back trying to have a 'nuanced' conversation about how a racist can fight racism but I'm 'misinterpreting' him and making our exchange 'hostile'.

But let's just ignore the fact he's been at this for three days now despite I have repeatedly expressed I have no interest in hearing his non-sense.

LOL, but somehow, magically, I'm the aggressor.

White people just live in delusion, hahahaha...

Racism isn't that complex. The results explain the intentions pretty clearly. The history on this is not esoteric.

What is complex is the myriad of ways white people attempt to downplay and codify racism into something they can either dismiss or say it's 'too hard' to deal with.

Both result in the same thing: the perpetuation of racism.

The prevalence of racism is not hard to explain. White people like racism.

White people tend to obfuscate this basic point b/c they feel implicated by it.

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@Are0h mostracist people actually believe racism is pretty bad, and don't want to be labelled racist; their pretty specific, to them, way of not liking other people is rooted in expérience or whatever.
Fortunatly, you don't have to listen to them.

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