I think I'm done with D20-based games. I don't find the system particularly engaging anymore, and I find the more interesting things are happening outside of that space.

The last d20-based system I've looked at is 13th Age, which I consider the pinnacle of what can be done with d20 systems. Despite that, I have no desire to run it.

(Note: this is not a plea for shilling your favorite d20 system or author. I've done more exploring than this toot lets on and frankly I'm done with the system)

@craigmaloney What are your thoughts on Tri-Stat?

D20 never really worked for me due to a bad DM not letting me learn it properly before killing off my character and making me her water boy. OTOH BESM was very easy to pick up. I could understand how it might lack the structure you want, though.

@bluestarultor Tri-stat is interesting to me because it tickles the remnants of GURPS that I still have within me. That said it felt a lot like I'd have to fill in a lot of the blanks and create my own structures, at which point I'd rather just use Fudge, Fate, or something else that's lighter and more free-form.

That sucks though about your experience with D&D. That's no fun.


@craigmaloney @bluestarultor are you interested, or do you know, Apocalypse World and his legacy?

@PierreM @bluestarultor I have more Apocalypse World / Blades in the Dark than I can currently read in one lifetime. Thanks!

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