It would be nice to have could put on users you want to follow, but who maybe you don't want to read 200 toots from a day.

There's been a lot of talk about this next song...maybe too much talk. This song is *not* a rebel song. This song is "Whoomp! (There It Is)."

Discourse Inferno 

If you think about it Scrooge McDuck is an adventure capitalist

Taking my gf home to meet my folks this weekend and I'm very nervous.
My parents are kinda, "old school" Mastodon types and well, my girlfriend is a Brand so, I dunno, I just hope it all goes OK.

Hey… I just met you… and this is crazy… but read my 5000 word diatribe on an obscure open source social network and its evolution in recent times… so call me maybe…

i try to always punch up with my humor, right at the face of god is the ONLY Mastodon instance that's committed enough to give you a pixel art Kenny Loggins as your default avatar pic.

Watching the lightning fast evolution of memes on Mastodon reminds me of R.A. Lafferty's story "Slow Tuesday Night."



Contemporary Latin Word of the Day:

To waste time = Tempus terere
To waste time together = Tempus conterere

#latin #latine

Welcome to mastodon. Here's your courses on French and Japanese, a "THIS MACHINE KILLS FASCISTS" bumpersticker, and a fresh pineapple for some reason.

the two genders are "people who go by their name online" and "people who go by a handle online"


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