I find it... odd... That Democrats - online at least - are able to simultaneously attack Sanders and his supporters for destroying America, etc, and wonder why they aren't flocking to be Democrats.

No lessons learned at all in 2016 I guess.

Somehow this anger and recrimination is supposed to set the Dems on some sort of massive winning streak?

Seems pretty unlikely.


Keep having conversations with Americans that think America is socialist, because taxes pay for roads, etc.

It's depressing the ignorance.

Of course part of this is Sanders' fault, for muddying the definition, but if kids actually learned basic facts about government they'd be able to spot that muddying and decide how it makes them feel.

Now Americans think that Obamacare is socialism, and the military.

It's just messed up.



Yeah! Like, fix the ENTIRE Water system of Flint, Michigan. Estimated cost of repairs = Sixty Million Dollars .


Looks like it killed 36 militants... And who knows if that's an exaggeration... At $300m for the bomb they means we spent over $8.3m each to kill them.

Sure there's better things America could do with this money.

haven't checked the news today... wonder how long I can last...

@TimeSnow I think you'll find this article makes your point quite well. And yet, I still hold out hope for the Richard Bransons of the world disrupting businesses by actually taking care of customers.

Also open to recommendations re sci-fi books.

Nothing that spans 20 novels and has 4000 different characters.

In a less annoying toot, does anyone have any non-English language pop they'd recommend me? Can be new or old. Pop can mean whatever you want.

Truly all suggestions welcome.

Some truths about Syria that Americans won't face. 

1. Syria is America's fault. Full stop. No one else's. Those 500k dead. America's fault.
2. The US is currently doing horrible things other places that Americans don't care about. Google Yemen. The current tears re Syria are all fake.
3. America could fix Syria, but it would require hundreds of thousands of US troops. Americans don't care THAT much about gassed babies.

North Korea 

Saw a guy on Twitter today saying that he hoped the US would go to war with Russia. "Bring it!" said he.

And people all over the US seem to be increasingly agitating for war in North Korea.

WTF is wrong with Americans? I mean, I actually know the answer. But still. WTF America?

Racism in the UK 

Amazing, the UK is basically - openly - 1/3rd racist. And have been more or less for decades. But every time you mention that endless Brits go into denial.

How can you fight a problem you refuse to accept??

The UK has over 62,000 hate crimes annually. People need to cop on.

So I guess we all should pray that Ivanka doesn't want to nuke QVC

Political, civilians, tiny babies. 

The number of crocodile tears America shed over the last WMD attack in Syria is pretty disgusting and hypocritical.

Who is responsible for the world's largest famine? The US. It affects 10s of millions - largely women and tiny babies.

And bombing children's hospitals and refugee camps? The US.

And yet Americans act sooooooooo offended by Assad and Putin.

Hard to take America very seriously.

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