Dear websites, I am not:

- Deactivating my adblocker
- Paying a subscription for clickbaits
- Installing your app
- Accepting your cookie policy


@Xowap I think most sites work on the principle that you accept their cookie policy or leave (alternatively disable cookies in your browser for their site).

Because nowadays the EU for some reason requires that all websites inform their users if they're going to use cookies in any way.

@vurpo @Xowap I honestly find that policy to be rather ridiculous. It just caused sites to add irritating banners without actually doing anything to improve privacy.

@rushsteve1 @Xowap I agree completely. Privacy is a good goal to pursue, and that's the reason they policy was created, but the implementation is so flawed that it didn't accomplish anything other than annoying banners everywhere.

@Xowap you forgot:
- allowing access to my location
- allowing notifictions

@Xowap the cookie policy can they actually use a cookie before you accept that? How do they store the result pre-cookies? (session?)

I know of one website, that of a legal expert in data protection matters, that will send you to another website altogether if you don't accept its cookie policy.

But it still sets cookies. Presumably to record that you don't want it to set cookies.

And the site it sends you to, google-dot-ie, sets more cookies, without asking.

My tests show that by rejecting cookies from this data-protection lawyer's website, you end up with more cookies set than if you accept them.

It's a messed-up process, implemented with a messed-up attitude.

@eibhear @Xowap there are at least two hobby electronics websites; that are coded in such a way where the potentially useful info (schemas etc) are directly linked into the adtech server, so the content is not delivered if you use an adblocker (there is a warning at the top about this). At least the same schemas can usually be found without restrictions elsewhere.

@Xowap And I do not want to receive push notifications from every site I visit

@Xowap Websites who think I care enough about their content to overcome their adblock blocker are always mistaken. Nothing is more infuriating

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