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If you can't beat loneliness, join loneliness.

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My mom should have named me Ohm because I'm really good at resistance.

Everytime I see you falling I get down on my knees and pray

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Oh I see. "-ly" in English is similar to "-lich" in German.

The best way to fight capital is:

a. Burn your money
b. Avoid non-democratic property
c. Wakanda

Polls when, my @queen ?

Fear and loathing when you scroll down an article and the site loads another one below.

"A democracy is an aristocracy of orators, interrupted sometimes by the monarchy of one orator"


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@bob Right now almost all of my free time is consumed in government bureaucratic bullshit.  Trudeau's Health Minister cut back on their allowances for extraordinary medical coverage so I've basically been having to jump through a series of hoops to tell the government that my previously-covered medication for my condition is something I'd die without, because apparently they need told life-saving medication does indeed save lives.

I have a postActiv 2.0 planned though.  I'm basically working on making the front end and back end entirely separate things, for a variety of coding efficiency and bug-fix-related reasons.  The first step of that is reimplementing the front-end in such a way that it uses a proper template system.  I'm hoping to use smarty in such a way that existing friendica/hubzilla things can be used with postActiv as well.
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Now the rich and famous parents (in 🇺🇲) are bribing to get their children into prestigious Universities and even go as far as paying to get their aptitude tests scores higher. WHAT. THE. FUCK.

You can't fix stupid but you can buy better grades, apparently.

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sausage levels are currently at 00% but fluctuating wildly

(00%) □□□□□□□□□□

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current horny levels are 72%

(72%) ■■■■■■■□□□

Why photographers always tend to use the same kind of aesthetics and composition to prove they're good? Like, so boring!

You can have a double life but you can't be two selves.

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