Look, Munich: city of Barcelona kicks out Micro$oft in favor of Linux and open source.

The Linux distro to be used may be Ubuntu as the City is already running a pilot project of 1000 Ubuntu-based desktops.

Outlook mail client and Exchange Server will be replaced with Open-Xchange meanwhile Firefox and LibreOffice will take the place of Internet Explorer and M$ Office.

--> itsfoss.com/barcelona-open-sou

#Barcelona #Linux #switch #OpenSource #LibreOffice #adoption #Catalonia #Barca #Ubuntu

@Linux Wait a couple of years, the party at the government of the city will change and they'll go back to Microsoft.

It's not the first time I see something like that here in spain.

I'm happy but I don't expect it to be a real change.


@ekaitz_zarraga @Linux At least the plan looks more realistic and sensible than the regular pretentious approach (making a distro, full change from the beginning, etc.). Guess somebody familiar with the technology has advised them. Let's see what happens, though...

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