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Mastalab has been renamed to Fedilab and now @tom79 is conducting a poll for choosing a new logo. The submissions are still open (I think). This is my submission. Lines are a bit too small when its shrunken down so I would work on it a bit more but the general idea is there.

Go vote for your favorite!

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You've been asking for it a lot and members of our community have delivered : the (non official) Mastodon app \o/

You can thanks @cyp and @nemsia for it \o/


Elle était très demandée et notre communauté l'a fait : l'app (non officielle) pour Mastodon \o/

Vous pouvez dire merci à @cyp et @nemsia \o/

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Some Mastodon instances with higher security TLS configurations are not working in Tusky on Android 7.0. This is due to a regression in its system SSL library—fixed in Android 7.1—where the only supported elliptic curve is secp256r1.

As far as I know, there isn't anything that can be fixed on Tusky's part, aside from shipping its own SSL library, which is too big an undertaking.

Sorry to folks who can't use the app because of this.

@eggplant How do I see what instance I'm on in TootyFruity? I have 5 different accounts..

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Spend almost an hour to try to understand why Tusky doesn't work with this instance and Android 7.0. Turns out it is described in the github issue[1], there is an Android issue[2] for it and there pretty much nothing that can be done about it. It's just that Android 7.0 doesn't bother to support a particular elliptic curve HT has in its certificate.


I feel sad.

Enjoying deadmau5 - BBC Radio1's Residency (2017-04-06)

Almost 3AM. Way past bedtime. Goodnight all. ZZZzzzz

Installed Windows 10 Creators update today. The only thing I need really is Chrome, a dual-pane file manager, audio/video players and Steam.

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