Baby daddy stuck in jail?
Sell your gold and post his bail!!

This ➡️➡️➡️ group has "memes" ❤️🧡💛 in its name but I don't ❌🚫❌🛑❌ really see 👀👀👀 very many memes these days 💔💔💔. Mostly just bitter 😖😤😖 and uninformed 🤪🤪 squabbling about public transit 🚂 🚊 🚞 and urban 🌃 development 🏙.

The memes ‼️ used to be really funny 😝🤪😂. Now it's so political😔😢😭😤🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸. Can we go back🔙🔙🔙 to memes? 😕

Hysteria, n. A sexist word to describe a woman having a spergout

Spergout, n. An ableist word to describe a man suffering from female hysteria

Today is another beautiful sunny day for an evening concert in the royal gardens. We hope to see everypony in Canterlot there tonight!

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@kara @MeimuHakurei However, we can’t provide that service online. Though it may not help with the situations mentioned in the OP of the thread, I have heard of a Sunday Truce in Baltimare that we could use as a model for a socially-enforced time of respite from idle discourse, but I shall defer to @carcetti2020 and @omar_pony on that issue.

it's pretty easy to be gdpr compliant if people just privately host instances for themselves and friends

Local news running the story that computer viruses may be down due to people giving up porn for Lent.

cops, Alzheimer’s 

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fun fact: "cat" in French is "chat", because all cats speak French and francophones enjoy chatting with them

That's why Bitcoin volatility is making it unusable: to guarantee a Euro/Dollar equivalent to a certain Bitcoin value, the transaction has to be processed in a matter of minutes. The result: 15 Euros transaction fee for a 25 Euro payment. The system is seriously broken - time to get out!

I ear hello are you ponies of the night and our dea now that our dear sister has drug us and that's what you call it social network we will be here to hear your nightly musings nocturnal omissions and whatever else you feel like howling at the moon

I’ve been asked by @Celestia the find a home on the fediverse of a ponified Omar Little (from #TheWire). She wanted to have him share a server with @carcetti2020, but that instance has closed registration.

Please give suggestions, boost, or request additional info about Omar (if you’ve never seen The Wire).

What's up guys? I haven't been on Mastodon for months.

🇬🇧 Thanks to @TheKinrar, will NOT close. Migration will take place in the following days, we'll keep you updated.

You can support @TheKinrar for his work right now :

🇫🇷 Grâce à @TheKinrar qui s'est proposé pour reprendre l'instance bénévolement, l'instance ne va pas fermer. La migration va se dérouler d'ici les prochains jours, nous vous tiendrons au courant.

Vous pouvez aider @TheKinrar en contribuant financièrement à son infrastructure qui accueillera l'instance :

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