@odo Constable I understand the need for additional security but showing up 2 hours before a runabout trip to the wormhole is pushing it.

I don't mind sand. It's soft and gentle and fun and if it gets anywhere, the transporter cleans it off.

@Odo@tenforward.social Constable, I've been thinking about your bucket for a while and I feel like you deserve a nicer place to hang your hat, so I threw this together - integrated inertial dampeners, variable gravity matrix, cup holder - the works. One thing - you're not allergic to theta band radiation are you?

Me: Computer, status of reactor core?
C: System is operating within specified parameters.
Me: Status of the subspace transceiver assembly?
C: System is operating within specified parameters.
Me: Number of open work orders for Station Operations?
C: Zero.
Me: hmm...guess I can relax a bit today.
Dax: incoming message from the Defiant
Sisko: CHIEF

Kira:....chocolate bunnies?
Me: Yeah! Kids love them!
Kira: I asked you to tell me about human spiritual beliefs and you're saying they honor a philosopher who was murdered for his belief in peace and understanding...with chocolate bunnies?
Me: And jelly beans! Those are my favorite.
Kira: Weird thing, but we honor the passing of Kai Prajon, the first Kai, the exact same way.
Me: Chocolate bunnies?!
Kira: No, we fast for a week while praying.
Me: Oh. I thought there would be bunnies.

Sisko: CHIEF. It's been three hours and none of the eggs have been found yet.
Me: I know sir, I'm surprised.
Sisko: Well, were did you hide them? Maybe we should give them a hint.
Me: Good idea sir! Hmm...well the cloaking generators I used do leak neutrinos if exposed to a polaron field - think that'll help?
Sisko: Cloaking generator...?
Me: Yes sir! It's right next to the subspace inverter so they're slightly out of phase.
Sisko: I'll just say the prophets took them.

@TheDoctor@tenforward.social I should introduce you to Vic Fontaine - he could give you some real singing lessons.

The new season of really speaks to my interests. Gold jumpsuits, improvised engineering, questionably designed space stations and a cruel, beautiful, distant, female villain.

@data@tenforward.social Hello Commander! Was going through the old holo's recently and found this snap of you! It's from that time we all got possessed by alien ghosts and took over the ship. We had some fun times didn't we Commander?

I can't eat meat today. No not because of Good Friday, we gave us those religious ceremonies a long time ago. Keiko told me I can't.

As a Starfleet Officer, Husband, Father and human being, I deeply deplore violence and fundamentally believe in the Federation philosophy of empathy, communication and understanding.

I still want to push this woman out an airlock every time she speaks. social.targaryen.house/media/5

Starfleet Security Directive 87-T-ER

'Security Audit of Non-Federation Installations' instructs all engineering personnel to immediately discontinue all repairs and/or modifications to any foreign equipment till such time safety can be reasonably assured.

Translation - someone at StarFleet Security finally read the email I sent about this!

Starfleet HR would like you to use the following new task codes to better track tasks in your work log:

2084: Standard Starfleet Maintenance (ship/fixed installation/ancillary craft)
2087: integrated systems maintenance (non-Fleet issued equipment)
2088: Spatial anomaly related repairs (subspace/hyperspace/nullspace/chaotic space) - please note non-linear realities require a separate SF-A-21-L temporal report.
2096: Removal of non-corporeal life forms inhabiting Starfleet systems.

Me: Great news honey! I was able to finish upgrading our home replicator - it now has access to the entire Federation Culinary database! We can try anything!
Keiko: We're having fish balls. Again.

Me: Re-route secondary EPS flow to junctions JN-4, JN-6 & JR-1
Computer: This procedure is not recommended
Me: Initiate a level 3 subspace dampening field around the navigational deflector
Computer: This procedure is not recommended
Me: I should call Keiko, tell her I'll be home late
Computer: This procedure is not recommended

social.targaryen.house/media/C I used to love building models of these. The old designs were so simple I could bang one of these together with spare parts now. But Keiko says it's a waste of space.

Rom: Hey Chief, I've got a great idea for adjusting the power flow to the upper docking pylons.

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