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when you decide to move to another instance that's called a scoot

I wonder what shitposty jokes the French are making about all the Americans on their timeline

The fluffy elephant on the frontpage is drawn by @cutewitchirl. I wonder how she feels about it being in all these magazines :D

How do you convey your username/instance verbally and succinctly? For example at the end of a podcast to tell people where to find you? Any shorteners built in?

An interesting thing about healthier Twitter alternatives is that it begs the question, how much health were we going to Twitter for versus how much were we servicing an addiction to the that lets us maintain and filter our own connections ...makes me take a hard look at myself and what I've "wanted" from social media since...2011 or so

I suspect that when I wake up in the morning I expect my times lines to be 80% French.

It looks like 3:2 video shows up in a 16:9 box. Wondering how 9:16 would be cropped.

While we're talking Pepsi Politics here's one of their commericals from Dec 1989, about a month after the Berlin Wall Came Down.

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House Targaryen

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