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@HTHR Maybe we all need to train ourselves to be ambidextrous?

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It's pretty hard to be a travelling salesman. In fact, it's NP-hard.

@HTHR Sounds depressing (speaking as an old guy who can't keep doing this shit forever...)

@oriole NeXT was Steve Jobs successor to the Macintosh after he left Apple. It was very innovative but, unfortunately, never caught on.

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@SarahKite That's good. I wouldn't want to think about the implications of that in light of your post...

@SarahKite So, does believing in Krampus imply belief in Santa Claus?

@lain Yeah. The news is not really that two women went out with men just now. It's that this didn't happen decades ago.

@Elizafox 🤔 Cell phones into oil derricks? How many does it take?

@NattyGov Huh. Shows what I know about social photogastronomy...

Good luck with that evil thing. Have you seen evildeadthemusical.com ?

@NattyGov Hi, Pepper! So... I don't get the connection between feeling evil and deciding that pies are sensitive content... A good night's sleep?

@NattyGov I wondered who was leaving all that mean voice mail...

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