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Today's game with the was just shameful. Their hitting is just awful right now.

I just registered to make an instance for Latin-tooting Mastonauts. If I manage my time responsibly, I won't be able to actually set it up for another month. Does anybody else want to get involved?

The officer who shot Charles Kinsey (who was helping an autistic man out of the middle of the street) has finally been charged with a crime, attempted manslaughter.

I've been following the case for about a year now, nice to see charges finally come down.

I don't even know what the Contreras/Rizzo play was. Hopefully Rondon is all right. At least it didn't matter.

on a daily basis i boil water for tea and then forget to brew the tea

The only way Mastodon could fail is if it becomes a niche refuge for artists, bohemians, outcasts, and dreamers, and the vast bulk of boring people stay on Twitter. Oh wait

do that i'm supposed to be doing
do somebody else's
watch some ( vs )
I really hope I get some done

I just want to crawl under my desk.


last year of a PhD is rough

also just means in case anybody is looking for that hashtag


Mastodon instance idea! 

Citation.needed: a mastodon instance where your toot must be peer-reviewed and include citations to prior work to show you've done your research and that you're not just spouting off an uninformed opinion

Read "I hate the internet" by Jarrett Kobek last night. A quick, highly stylized read with some great passages.

On the "Arab Spring":
"Social protests staged in countries thousands of miles away, on a different continent, were covered as advertisements for multinational corporations headquartered around and near San Francisco."

"I hate the internet" by Jarrett Kobek on Black Twitter:
"The users of Black Twitter were supplying White people with effortless access to a body of language and thought which could be harvested and transformed into content on websites owned by White people.
The managers of these websites were very interested in demonstrating a fluency with Black culture but had little-to-no interest in hiring the people who lived it."

Here's the latest update to the silly map.

I still need to figuure out something for "here be gnus" and I'd like to add maybe a handful of important villages (instances with 500-999 users) beyond the witches and awoo (though actually it looks like should actually be a town now)

Anyway any suggestions for village instances would be appreciated.

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