Got hot chicken at Hattie B's. It was good. Despite my not being much of a chicken person. Spice level was about what I expected (similar to the same spice level at a similar joint in Austin), though of course execution was a bit better at the real deal here.

Flip side is, the place back home is like a block from where I live. Tradeoffs :)

Pro tip that shouldn't actually be necessary: if your external monitor/projector is smaller than expected, check overscan settings in your GPU driver's UI (e.g. in Intel Graphics Properties if you're running integrated graphics), at least on Windows. Annoying that things are broken by default, but there ya go.

Info for new users: if possible, please add a quick description to the images you're posting, it helps our friends who user some #Accessibility tools like screenreaders! Most apps have support for it, the webview definitely does, and it doesn't need to be too much info.

By the way, is built and funded entirely by me, @matt. My goals of building an ethical service that respects people and lasts more than 5 years can't be accomplished with VC money, which is why I'll never take it.

I've written a lot about this, so if anyone is concerned I'd suggest reading my posts @matt and making your own decision.

Note to self: submit a PR to Mastodon's style sheet so that tab text is universally light, even when the OS theme is dark (like mine is).

“Be the developer you want to work with.” — at #sephp18

“Hearing my colleague say ‘I can’t read this either’ was a game-changer for me.” — at #sephp18

Two back to back PHP internals talks at : @asgrim and now @saramg. The presentations have a fair amount of overlap but hearing the same thing twice is actually helpful in this case.


ok i'm catching up with what's happening with twitter in the past few days

-third party apps are getting access blocked to the api

-they're trying to cut down on bot accounts and people "evading suspension"

-the timeline is going to change and have political garbage inserted without people asking

is twitter just trying to kill their website in one go?? all this is news from the past 3 days

Plane WiFi DNS appears to be down (yay Google Public DNS!), and is dropping SSH tunnels like a Skrillex VIP, but looks like HTTP is stable now, which is all I need at the moment. Time to get to work...

On my AUS ✈️ BNA flight to Southeast PHP. For those of y'all in attendance, see ya soon!

T minus when-I-feel-like-it 'til I switch over to using my account as my primary here.

Okay, one more meta-tweet: the PWA appears to be passing notifications properly to my phone. So there's actually a chance I'll stick around here. Particularly if more than a few folks are on this at SoutheastPHP later this week.

/me waves at @ramsey

Aite, guess I'm back on here again. Looks like they added a "I live here now" redirect setting, which is handy, as I'm not exactly on the most popular instance.

/me waves in the general direction of @dshafik @saramg @tw2113
@stevegrunwell etc.

Dear fellow #Mastodon users. Please be patient with the people creating Mastodon and GNU Social.

Writing software takes time, and the teams working on these applications are very small.

Most of them are also wearing many hats. Some are students, others have full time non-Mastodon jobs. Some admin instances in addtion to writing code.

The Twitter kitchen probably has more people working in it than the entire #Fediverse. Please adjust your expectations accordingly! 😄

genx: "lol means "laughing out loud"
genex: lol is its own word, with contextual meaning, not pronounced *audible laugh* but instead "loe-ll" or regional variations.

see also: the Loule.

a Loule is one laugh-second. most shitposts are in the 75-500 microLoule range, you should be aiming for three Loules at the minimum but the optimal values are between five and seven Loules.

in humans, an exposure to a 100 kiloLoule event generally is immediately followed by death

Workstation at parents' house fully upgraded to Ubuntu 17.04. Didn't have to screw with Xconfig to get the VGA-connected monitor to work at 1080p.

Year of Linux on the Desktop confirmed.

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