(4 of 4) shout out to all who helped out and contributed:

@FullSpeed, @yuki_the_maven, @nimda, @ldionmarcil, @bluescreenofjeff, @r4stl1n, @jerry (although with extreme class, he didn't even mention that the "Defensive Security Podcast" was his until multiple others had recommended it independently)

(3 of 4) recommendations from infosec professionals:

LEVEL UP - how learn about newest hacking techniques and vulnerabilities:

Read current CTF writeups and Bug Bounty Reports

Subcribe to mailing lists like:

Full Disclosure - nmap.org/mailman/listinfo/fulldisclosure

Bugtraq - securityfocus.com/archive

(2 of 4) recommendation from infosec professionals:

*Defensive Security Podcast - defensivesecurity.org

Security Weekly - securityweekly.com/

TechSnap - jupiterbroadcasting.com/show/techsnap/

* recommended by multiple people

Recently asked professional pentesters and hackers what they read, listen to, consume in order to keep up-to-date with infosec and their profession. This is what they said: (1 of 4)

*Reddit (/r/netsec && create multireddit add all security)
*infosec twitter
custom alerts @ news.google.com

* recommended by multiple people

Whenever the Mastodon new car smell wears off lets all remember these past couple of weeks where we all worked to be inclusive and supportive of each other, where we gave every new member a pineapple as a welcome gift, and where we enthusiastically created more than EIGHT HUNDRED small communities in the hope that everyone could have a place where they felt at home.

Anyone have any thoughts on browser? Just installed it on . Looks nice and I enjoy its privacy features. The only thing holding me back is it doesn't sync with mobile yet. They say that is coming in the future.

Decided to check out the original series so I know whats going on in the new one. Watching the pilot right now. Lots of people crying sums up the first part of it.

The federated timeline is a fabulous tower of babel. I look forward to improving my French and Mandarin.

Gotta go to work. "I love taking freight trains to KC in the middle of the night!" Said no one ever.

I've got a lying around. Thinking about trying out one of the releases on it. Leaning towards .

/!\ Warning witches (and federated people), @goth1856 is posting bloody cadavers (and severed body parts...) without any tag - or comment other than "ew, this is bad".

Block them until @Alda comes back to deal with them, or you'll see those charming - and utterly unhelpful to anybody victim of the violence they pretend to be denouncing - all over your TLs. >.<

I hate it when technologically stupid people make tech decisions.

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I just got an email from my bank that states i can no longer online bank unless I am running Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10.
end of the email....
The operating systems listed above support the industry standards for a more secure protocol and ensure the connection from your device to the platform is secure, encrypted and safe from malicious attacks

I think I'll be switching. what a bunch of dumbasses.

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