I've got a lying around. Thinking about trying out one of the releases on it. Leaning towards .

@irishmac473 thats cool. I have been thinking about running something like that on an old laptop too.

@billynewman Yeah, I've got two macs and two linux laptops at the house. Figured it was time to give another unix OS a shot. Loaded on virtual box and it looks pretty good. I'll try to get it on the this weekend.

@irishmac473 @billynewman T420 as in a Dell Tower version? Just laying around...
Trying not to get too complex, but looking at a new 600 something to go bare metal hypervisor, CentOS or Debian for LTSP, Windows 201(2|6) server and containers...

@Patrickme @billynewman @irishmac473 I was thinking Thinkpad but I like where your head is. Dell T420 would be a heck of a desktop since GhostBSD is a desktop oriented spin. Not that it wouldn't have enough horsepower to do server tasks too. :^)

I have a few Dell T320 VMWare boxes at remote locations and building a T330 FreeNAS box for our Photo/Marketing team for local storage when they move offsite. Solid boxes.

@billynewman @Patrickme @Strog
Nice. Yeah I'm out of town for work now. I'll try it when i get home.

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