Question of the day: taking a text-sifting (read: regex-heavy) project as an opportunity to expand my horizons and learn a new language. or ?

@jay I would go for python cause Iam biased and cause python has a reputation to be good with strings

@bithive That was my original plan, but I find python's regex interface clunky and inelegant (20 years of Perl habits die hard). Also, these benchmarks have me really intrigued: benchmarksgame.alioth.debian.o

@8zu 1: it's dog slow.

2: the construct makes no sense. For instance, re.split(). What? splitting is something you do to strings; it's not inherently tied to the concept of regex.

3: re.match(pattern, string) is a *really* complicated way to say string =~ m/pattern/

@jay I see. 1 and 2 are valid points. 3 is just because regex is not first class citizen, unfortunately.

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