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so, mastodon users, how does a computer work? heres a helpful analogy i came up with a while ago:

the CPU (the BRAIN of the computer) takes data from the RAM (kinda like the computer's BRAIN) and stores it on the hard disk (which can be thought of as the BRAIN of the computer)

Jay @jay

@jk Sounds about right to me. Now how does a brain work? 😀

@jk @jay It's kind of like a computer that takes sights and smells as input and runs an algorithm to convert them into limericks and self-loathing.

@PJM @jk There once was a VAX from Nantucket, whose cord was so long it didn't matter because it was just a box and couldn't interact physically with humans or even unplug itself in the depths of its despair, so it just sat there forever with the unbearable ennui. Poor thing.