Is there an app for moving your followers if you want to change instances?

New users don't read 

Hey, people who have been on Mastodon for a while. Let's not tell the newcomers that we all say "smell you later" instead of "goodbye". Let's keep that as our secret.

@geordie did you set up this instance? I'm marooned on an one full of French millennial witches and German basement dwellers.

So on here we are generally still at the cat pictures stage of technology adoption, and have yet to move to the dog pictures stage, it seems

I think it's time we all put the screens down and went and read a book 📖

Ok, so I came onto #mastodon to hang out with other photographers, and the search for a suitable #photog instance is insane crazy hard.
Anyone who knows a good #photography instance, please put me in the picture #geddit 😂

One of the major things protecting the peace on mastadon rn is the barrier to entry for the average Australian bogan RWNJ. Just takes way too many brain cells. Someone will invent an app to make it easy eventually, tho

if i could have dinner with 6 people living or dead it would be these 6 people.

all of them would be dead though

This is the current state of consumer AI.
The first answer is just plain incorrect and taken from a non-authoritive source.
The second understands the words but misses the intent.

me: [Explaining Mastodon] So then everyone got booted, and now they just boost toots

Dr. Seuss: go on

moving to tooter reminds me of that dad who goes to the store for smokes and never comes back and ends up starting a new, almost identical family in the next town over under an assumed name

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