Didn't sleep much, stayed up watching Federico Mena's GUADEC 2018 talk: youtube.com/watch?v=5mVMycYmoW

Next year I'll go to GUADEC!

@audrey separately, if y'all could signal-boost osc.dial.community/grants.html that would be great -- the deadline is July 31st, and they particularly want to help humanitarian FLOSS projects, and projects they depend on, do stuff like stakeholder collaboration, coordinating with upstreams and downstreams, consolidating with other projects to reduce duplication, and other necessary work that (IMO) other grants often do not cover

SynthFace is an amazing Tumblr about all kinds of synthesizers. Digital, analog, new, old, conventional, bizarre. All sorts


#Music #RetroHardware

Today, the EU Parliament refused to rubber stamp the disastrous #copyright bill. "This is great news for Europe’s citizens," writes @ShmaeganM.

Let's work together on a new draft that respects technologists, creators, scientists & entrepreneurs alike.

t.co/6ERIqzjqhe tweeted by @mozilla

A snail drinking from a water droplet.

A real reason for GNOME/Gtk C programmers to use Builder. Added a helper to reformat blocks of declarations in our most beautiful style. Handles pre/post attributes reasonably well too.


"The Lunar Orbiters never returned to Earth with the imagery. Instead, the Orbiter developed the 70mm film (yes film) and then raster scanned the negatives with a 5 micron spot (200 lines/mm resolution) and beamed the data back to Earth using lossless analog compression"


💩 I screwed up with the urls for the scrolling examples on the README.....

The example to scrolling frames on a raspberry pi sensehat, with rust:


Are you using sensehat-screen-rs?

Feedback is welcome!

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