Et pendant ce temps-là, hier soir, folie totale 🤘 😜 🤘 Foo Fighters & Guns N' Roses - It's So Easy (Firenze Rocks Festival 2018)

La collection privée (voitures, trophées, casques, etc.) de l'immense Michael Schumacher ouvre ses portes ce week-end au grand public, à Cologne en Allemagne !

Good morning! Background processing queues on this instance cleared up a little, but still haven't caught up with real-time. Going to continue working on increasing the performance of background tasks to increase the number of toots per minute that can be processed without delay.

Sorry for the silliness. The activity is simply more than 4x of previous peaks.

In other news, yesterday I finally fixed the mastodon bridge tool.

House Targaryen

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