Got a reply from the person behind @mastodonanalysis

"Thank you for your note and I apologize for causing harm. As part of a class project I was trying to explore the topological structure of mastodon and identify structures for creating safe spaces in other online communities. I chose this name to alert admins to my intentions. I thought that the only harm caused by downloading data could be server overload which is prevented by API limits. The last thing I wanted to do is cause harm to your community and I have stopped downloading data."

Note that he also poses an interesting question: "It seems inevitable that someone would do this; is there anything we can do to prevent this from happening again?"

@marsxyz not sure, he didn't reply this specific question / privacy. However he just scrapped the account endpoint so name bio following followers. public stuff.

@marsxyz IMO it's a non issue. That's why I decided yesterday to first contact the bot owner before taking any action.

The bot owner stopped his research for now & will try contacting the community.

(IMO a topology/research of the fediverse network would be an AWESOME research.)

@marsxyz lot of admins saw the bot as agressive and evil.

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