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If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor

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why do I always forget that if I don't take a shower at night my feet get so cold I literally can't sleep

It's so strange being interested in non-sexual affectionate touch and trying to search the internet for it, there's no words and there's nothing, like imagine if instead of being full of sexual conversations and porn, nobody on the internet seemed interested in sex and there wasn't even the words "sex" or "porn" and you couldn't find anything at all.

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I look forward to finding a Mastodon instance I can recommend for men looking for a community built around nurturing healthy masculinity the same way is specifically for building a community for strong feminism.

i thought i'd try searching for because that's the closest there is to a word for a kind of touch i like.. a surprising amount of the content on is just images of the words "long hugs"

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what would top this up to 200% brilliant: if transforms its limitations at 7 days, forcing you to adjust constantly

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your intermittent PSA 1: please mark animated gifs NSFW, and please consider choosing a static userpic instead of something animated (or something that changes very slowly). it's a really cool feature and all, but animated gifs can cause headaches, migraines, seizures, overstimulation, and general irritation.

PSA 2: when posting pics, plz consider including an [image description] for those who are blind, low-vision, or on painfully slow connections.

accessibility is awesome. we can do it. :)

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still cant find the original but did find this, i think i rotated it in paint then applied more effects

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Make your own glitchy images w/ audacity!

- Save to an uncompressed format (.bmp works great!)
- import into audacity as Raw Input w/ Encoding: U-Law and Byte Order; Big Endian
- Play with effects on all but the first quarter second or so (to avoid messing up headers)
- export to format "Other uncompressed files" and click options, set Header to RAW and encoding to U-Law. If you have issues, rename from .raw to .bmp!

Example image:

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Organizing a "Learn about/how to use #Mastodon" event at my #LabB #hackerspace in #BTV, #Vermont on 4/27.

Any suggestions as to good materials? Slides, short videos, etc.? Anyone done such an event already and have advice?

Event deets:

I'm also having trouble getting in touch with anarchopacifists. I know I've seen us around here and there randomly on the internet, but we don't seem to search regularly for anything in particular. The hashtag is dead everywhere. The people exist who would search for it if it were alive, but it's still not alive, because they don't actually search for it because it's dead.

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I have planted chives and garlic chives for my kitchen windowsill garden. I immediately forgot which mason jar was which. #gardening #plants

One of my favorite things is when a bunch of affectionate people squish together in a dynamic throng, touching and moving around one another, while also finding a collective voice in making sounds-- but there's no name at all for that thing that sometimes happens, so there's no way at all to find who's talking about it.

Hashtagging like any naming can substantially alter or even be essential in creating the thing it names. This is less obvious in using an existing name-- it seems theoretical that your statement gives life to all of its words as well as making use of them. But it's very apparent when the words you want to say don't exist.

All the focus is on the people *posting* hashtags because that seems more active, but really it's *searching* for hashtags that brings them to life. A hashtag that's not searched for doesn't do anything. The people quietly lurking searching reading hashtags are who really bring life to them and make them mean something, their searching is why anything actually happens if you post there.

When we connect on a new social network like this we're really just re-forming the same networks we've already formed. Things that don't already have hashtags still don't exist. For instance there doesn't seem to be any community following any tags about non-sexual affectionate touch, doesn't work, nobody searches for that. People tag when they do that meme-- but nobody goes back and discusses the concept. So, there's no spark to start a new network's same fire from.

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