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Some Mastodon instances with higher security TLS configurations are not working in Tusky on Android 7.0. This is due to a regression in its system SSL library—fixed in Android 7.1—where the only supported elliptic curve is secp256r1.

As far as I know, there isn't anything that can be fixed on Tusky's part, aside from shipping its own SSL library, which is too big an undertaking.

Sorry to folks who can't use the app because of this.

After test : 11t not working, tootyfruity is "readyonly but authentication work well, mastodroid is unavailable in france. I 'll use tootyfruity and Firefox waiting for stable version.

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Pourquoi, vingt ans après, Blizzard s’apprête à rééditer « StarCraft » - https://social.bitcast.info/url/214604

Why social.targaryen.house don.'t work with tusky ? "The app could not obtain authentification....."

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