Why hasn't anyone created crypto coins named after Norse Gods? I think the time has come for Lokis, Thors, Odins, and Helas.

Folks, the Audioquest Nighthawk Carbon and the Apogee Groove make a superb portable combo. Highly recommended.

Looking to buy an Amiga 500/1200 in the next few days. I sold my Amiga hardware back in 1992 and I've regretted it ever since. Time to fix that.

Absolutely loving the Arturia Buchla Easel VST on macOS. Would love to see this come to iOS.

MacOS 10.14.2 takes up roughly 23GB of space in Fusion. Windows 10 Pro takes up 11GB. Never thought I'd see the day this would happen.

Picked up Cubasis 2 for iOS a few days back. Fantastic bit of kit if you ask me. And it's MPE compatible with my Roli gear!

Gods, my favorite Amiga game of all time, is finally out on the Switch!

This morning I'm updating my Windows 10 VM to the latest and greatest version. This should take an hour or more. I hardly every use Window 10, but when I do I don't want it complaining about not being updated in the last year. lol

Any decent Mastodon clients for MacOS out there? I'm currently using Whalebird but It's a wee bit buggy.

What are you working on this morning? I'm busy developing a random password generator for MacOS. Well, that and trying to stay awake.

Is it me or did Bose totally hose up the ANC of my QC35s with the 1.2.10 firmware update?

House Targaryen

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