This morning we have experienced incidents in both Roubaix and Strasbourg affecting some of our services. Some of them have now been recovered, and all of our teams continue working hard to correct the situation. We will update you during the day.

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Please note that Mastodon.cloud is down - Reason: .
The teams involved are working hard on solving the problem.
We will advise as soon as we are back on line.

Cherokee Nation sues drug firms, retailers for flooding communities with opioids

‘Wheel of Time’ TV Series Lands at Sony (EXCLUSIVE) | Variety bit.ly/2oYJbtt

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Oklahoma City remembers 22 years after deadly Murrah federal bombing | KFOR.com bit.ly/2pBUmGu

Facebook live from the desktop has yet to work for me. I think Facebook just put that button there to mess with me ... more that it already does.

(Live from the app and via OBS works fine)


CNN treats politics like a sport — that’s bad for all of us - Vox bit.ly/2paJK4o

Sorry no new episode of the Blog Oklahoma Podcast this week. Had a bad bad case of writer's block. Back next week. blogoklahoma.net social.targaryen.house/media/o

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