They say there are six types of quarks in the universe, but they're wrong... 

No matter how you look at it, up down, top, bottom, I'm all charm.

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Rule of Mastodition #99: 

Never be afraid to start over. Sometimes a new setting can make a galaxy of difference.

--- #Rule99 ---

Thank you for visiting the Promenade. I'll be keeping this account but posting now mostly from to continue to educate you all about the Rules of Mastodition. Please follow me there. See

Rule of Mastodition #50 : Always pay attention to your clients.

Business question for my followers, an attractive new property has opened up and I'm thinking of moving operations for the bar to If I jumped would you follow me at

Rule of Mastodition #66: Some people 

don't like knowing what a movie or tv show will be about. cause bar fights, bad for business. So use CW instead of dumping it out on the timeline.

--- ---

Ohayōgozaimasu everyone! Oops, sorry, my universal translator flipping in and out of Japanese there. It's trying to work out what the new lingua franca is. Welcome to Mastodon Japanese users! The Federation (snarl 😒 ) welcomes you. This week all *.jp users get a free cup of Genmaichai, aren't I generous?

Ugh, that's , sorry, Rom posted that, he doesn't understand hashtag search rules. But then again, .

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Rule of Mastodition #9: Whatever toot pun you just thought of, yes, someone has already posted it.

--- ---

Rule of Mastodition #42: If you haven't figured it out yet kid, I'm not going to spoil it for you.

--- 42 ---

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Me: I found an old Earth movie I think I'll love.
Keiko: I don't care.
Me: It's called the Transporter! The know? Like, my job...
Keiko: Miles I'm taking the children to Bajor

Rule of Mastodition #83 : Yes people speak other languages here. What language are you speaking ? Isn't your universal translator working? You'll never profit if you can't speak to most of the galaxy.

--- ---

Rule of Mastodition #67 :It's bots all the way down.

An ancient Ferengi legend says that the First User create bots to could have someone to talk to. Then those bots created other bots to talk to and on and on. Some believe that in the end there is only one real user in the entire Fediverse, with multiple accounts talking to themselves or bots. No one knows who the First User is, suprisingly, it is not @Gargron.

--- ---

Rule of Mastodition #4 - Everything that lasts and has value costs somebody something. So pay your host. The great chain of profit will reward you in the end.

--- ---

I must have been drunk on Valarian Ale, this is obviously , that's embarrassing.

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I think one thing I will try to make a point of in the coming days is to highlight the various instances who could use help supporting their efforts financially.  I've been noticing that just a few nodes seem to get the attention in this regard.

I will post them with a short description of the instance and a link to their donations method (patreon, btc, paypal whatever) on the hashtag #buildingtheroads because I am not a clever woman.

If you want to support my little effort then please boost this :)

Oh in the name of the great river of profit, isn't even taken. Someone by it quick before I do and waste my life. I don't time for that, but I want to be on it. Also, did you know Amazon is in the process of registering the TLD .zero? Interesting.

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It has occurred to me that we don't know where all the are hiding.


Where should we meet?
Oh, sorry, it's obvious.

That would make a great instance name by the way.

So surely the GoT can go further? Shouldn't Fav be "burn it!" or something? Makes me think, we realy need a Star Trek themed instance:
toot : open a channel/engage
fav : hail them/phasers
boost : warp/beam

oh I get it...I mean not really, but kind of. Does this mean at some point I'm going to need to actually watch GoT in order to know how to use this instance? (Raises shields)

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