The domain ownership issue has been an ongoing concern to me for a few years now, and as it seems the previous owner now has less and less of an use for it, I hope it will possible to transfer the domain to me at some point, to prevent any issues like this in the future.

All the best to all of you, and please know I'm deeply sorry for this long unplanned downtime. I'm doing all I can to prevent it from happening again.


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Hey there. As you might have noticed the instance went down for about five days. Here's why.

Although I (@TheKinrar) am maintaining the instance since late 2017, the domain name is still owned by the previous maintainer because they have other uses for it. The domain expired a few days ago and they messed up the renewal process, which caused the downtime. They did what they could to fix the issue though, but it was then impossible to be any quicker.


🇬🇧 This instance will be under maintenance for a few hours starting tomorrow around 7pm, CEST. We're migrating to a new server and updating the database to improve performance. We'll also update to the latest Mastodon version.

🇫🇷 L'instance sera en maintenance pour quelques heures à partir de demain, 19h CEST. On migre sur un nouveau serveur et on met à jour la base de données également pour de meilleures performances. La mise à jour de Mastodon sera aussi effectuée juste après.

Have a look at @status latest boosts for explanations about what happened yesterday

We've moved and updated! See @status for more info (both instances are hosted in the same place).

Totally forgot the 2-year anniversary of 😶

@queen Keep up the good work. :)

Our media server is moving now, expect some disturbances.

Updates will follow.

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