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No full-text search yet. Some server maintenance is needed.

Stay tuned. :)

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Alors on est de retour semble-t-il. :)

Les détails de nos aventures seront publiés plus tard.

L'instance a un jour de retard, des toots vont manquer et elle va être peu réactive pendant quelque temps et raison de la récupération de tout un tas de toots manquants.

Merci de votre compréhension. :)

We're now running 2.0.0!


(Custom theme lost, I'll try to fix that later today.)

Sorry for the downtime!

We had some issues with the migration to 2.0.0 (this update needs a really huge data migration).

We're back, still running 1.6.1.
Migration to 2.0.0 will be completed tomorrow (oct 19). It's still running and still taking a long time.

As you may have seen, the instance is now back working.

The migration has completed successfully and is now a neighbor of

From now, I (@TheKinrar) am the admin of this instance.
You can still contact me using the @queen account or on my account. I also have a thekinrar account here but I don't intend to use it much.

Hey everyone!
@TheKinrar has now access to the server hosting The migration will likely take place between 9PM and 10PM (UTC+1).

By the way, if you want to follow Wonderfall (the previous admin), here's his new account : @wonder

Hey! Sorry for the downtime. I'm preparing the server myself for the migration to come, so expect downtimes like this today.

- I deleted my account, but I'm posting as Wonderfall.

I want to thank all my patrons, your donations have been very, very, helpful to me. I will delete my Patron account, but if you still want to support this instance, you can do so by donating to @thekinrar :

These last days, and months have been very stressful for me and I'm sorry for being an "unstable" sysadmin. Hopefully, and I know this will be the case, @thekinrar will do a better work. was one of the first instances alongside, and it would be very disappointing to close it already.

As for me, I'll come back in a few weeks or months, I don't know yet. Now that I'm gone, I kindly ask other admins to reconsider their blocklists.

I just want some fresh air. Good bye!

🇬🇧 Thanks to @TheKinrar, will NOT close. Migration will take place in the following days, we'll keep you updated.

You can support @TheKinrar for his work right now :

🇫🇷 Grâce à @TheKinrar qui s'est proposé pour reprendre l'instance bénévolement, l'instance ne va pas fermer. La migration va se dérouler d'ici les prochains jours, nous vous tiendrons au courant.

Vous pouvez aider @TheKinrar en contribuant financièrement à son infrastructure qui accueillera l'instance :

🇬🇧 Successful upgrade to Mastodon 1.6.0rc1. There are many improvements and new features like ActivityPub, new public profiles, pinned statuses, and more.

🇫🇷 Mise à jour avec succès vers Mastodon 1.6.0rc1. Il y a de nombreuses améliorations ainsi que des nouveautés telles que ActivityPub, un nouveau design pour les pages de profil, l'épinglage de statuts, et bien plus encore.

⚠ Bugs can be encountered, so don't hesitate to open an issue on Github to make the stable release better.

Changelog :

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🇬🇧 Fellow citizens, an upgrade to Mastodon 1.6.0rc1 will take place in the hour to come. You will be notified when the update will be done.

🇫🇷 Une mise à jour vers Mastodon 1.6.0rc1 aura lieu dans l'heure qui vient. Vous serez notifiés quand la mise à jour sera finie.

🇮🇸 Samborgarar, uppfærsla á Mastodon 1.6.0rc1 mun eiga sér stað á klukkustundinni sem á að koma. Þú verður tilkynnt hvenær uppfærsla verður gerð.

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