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- I'd most likely be dead twice over if it weren't for modern medicine
- I was once in an ad that aired on TV
- I eat most things but can't stand bell peppers
- I can't drive a car, but I can drive a boat
- I often start things without finishing them

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5 facts/5 tags
- I can passably imitate a dolphin
- I didn't like pizza until I was about 10
- As a kid I had >150 plushies & almost all of them were male
- I still have my appendix & tonsils
- But only 17 teeth & 5 implants

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Also - I found a backup of the laptop I had when I was in school. The nostalgia was real, so was the cringe tho m)

Yeah, sex is cool, but have you ever spent a night on an accidental trip to old browser session memory lane trying to recover an old YouTube account, and finally managed to get it done?

TIL you can accidentally kill openbox with xkill if it tries to be helpful and asks you if you want to kill a crashed application at the wrong moment m)

Do I change my Halloween name back or just leave it since Halloween is technically getting closer again? 🤔

For want of a repeater timing, the low block 36 blast resistance was lost.

Despite my recent tweet stating that if the "Stopp Corona" app becomes mandatory I'm getting a non-smartphone - if it becomes open source and stays voluntary, I'm very much down with installing it.

First internl train ride: Vienna - Venice (?)
Last internl train ride: Zurich - Vienna

Longest train ride (direct): Vienna - Zurich
Longest train ride (w. stops): Edinburgh - Zurich

Fav station: Liège guillemins (I think?)

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First internl train ride: Villach 🇦🇹 - Tarvisio 🇮🇹
Last internl train ride: Znojmo 🇨🇿 - Wien 🇦🇹
Longest train ride (direct): Wien 🇦🇹- Nizza🇫🇷
Longest train ride (w. stops): Kiruna 🇸🇪 - Wien 🇦🇹
Fav train journey: Beograd 🇷🇸 - Bar 🇲🇪
Fav station: Liège guillemins 🇧🇪 twitter.com/kurswagen/status/1

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Dann werde ich /leider/ auf ein Gerät umsteigen müssen, auf dem die App nicht rennt.

Ersatz für Onlinebanking-2FA ist schon bestellt, just in case.

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Wenn die Rote Kreuz App in Österreich verpflichtend wird, wenn man rausgeht, wirst Du die Wohnung/Haus solange

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Liebe @wienerlinien@twitter.com , ich habe gerade meine Busstation versäumt weil ich mit sehr vielen Einkäufen nicht rechtzeitig den Knopf gedrückt habe.

Strenggenommen wohl mein Fehler, aber es wäre gut, das nicht zu müssen (genau wie bei den Knöpfen an den Türen).

Woah, wackelts bei euch auch grad so oder ist das in meinem Haus?

Und trotz alledem befinden sich gerade /zwei/ A380 von London nach Dubai über Břeclav...

Ich frag mich, wieviele Leute da tatsächlich drin sind.

Me: "Safety dance, safety dance..."
Me: "Did you know that if you do the safety dance, you are less likely to get corona?"
Partner: "Because people will not want to be associated with you?"
Me: "Exactly!"

Fuck researching my family tree to learn about my ancestors, I just wanna know how far back I have to go until the statistically assured incest starts

Someone needs to recreate an Infected Mushroom song with Minecraft note blocks.

No specific reason besides the potential to make an "Infected Mooshroom" pun.

Oha, wir sind also grad dabei Gesundheitspolitik ernstzunehmen?


Das heißt, wir kriegen auch bald ne Impfpflicht (zumindest für Kinder) und schränken die Verwendung von Antibiotika stark ein, ja?

Mantis are Green,
Zoltan are ethereal,
There are no more life-signs remaining on the ship.
You strip it of useful materials.

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