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[CN Alkohol]

Erkenntnis des Wochenendes:

Wenn ich roten S眉脽wein trinke und mich das dazu animiert, ganz viele schreckliche Puns zu machen, dann ist das durch Portwein induzierte Wortpein.

[CN Star Trek: Discovery spoilers]

Me before season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery: "I hope they don't overuse the Enterprise or Spock, that would be hard to get right, probably best to build sth new"

Me now: *cries at gorgeousness of* PIKE SERIES NAOW 馃槏馃槶

Lifehack: Noodles can be made in a microwave.

Put them in a bowl, put boiling water on top, microwave at 60% for 15 minutes, remove excess water (can be done with a plate).

=> no stove or pots required, compatible with many work kitchens, everything can go in the dishwasher \o/

Muahaha, I may have found a way to use C3 linearization with ES6 that is compatible with ES6 super, usable like this:

class A extends Multiple(B, C) {...}

`Multiple` is a function that builds an MRO for A and then constructs a class with a whole new prototype chain, making 1/3

TIL development on Python started a few months before I was conceived, and the first version was published a few months after I was born. :O

Wie nennt man eine Puppe aus Kartoffelteig, die l眉gt und unbedingt ein Mensch sein will?


Damn, onion rings are so simple and cheap to make at home :O

Batter can be just beer + flour mixed 1:1 with some spices.

Cutting onions into rings is much easier than into tiny pieces.

My apartment probably reeks of oil, but I'm probably catching a cold anyway.

depyolo (v) (computing) To deploy a computer system or application without properly testing and/or reviewing the code.

depyolo (n) (computing) To deploy a computer system or application without properly testing and/or reviewing the code.

In Django 1.9, a feature was added where form CharFields would automatically strip whitespace from their inputs by default.

So if you display model data in a form that is used to submit changes, all CharFields silently change, too.

So if you had " ", you now have a blank field.

Wieso bestell ich 眉berhaupt Sachen 眉bers Internet, obwohl ich keine Katze hab ;_;

[CN 420]

If you're running the default kernel under Arch and are having a frustrating day, just remember that right now, you're running some minor version of Linux 4.20. (Or should update your system NAOW).

[CN innuendo]

The only tram lines left in Vienna that have letters instead of numbers are...

The D and the O 馃槒馃槒馃槒馃槒

Partner: ", life is not a musical! People don't just randomly sing!"
Me: 馃幎 "Liiiiiiiife is not a muuuuuusicaaaaaaaaaal" 馃幍
Partner: *death glare*

Star trek headcanon:

People pass PADDs around because opening a file on another PADD is less of a hassle than just replicating a new one, and everything is in the ship's cloud anyway.

The inefficiency of this approach drives some people mad, but they are a very nerdy minority.

[CN Sex]

"Protect the corporate tower and kill five goos" is my new favorite euphemism

git commit -m "Change Anrede according to spec. The four genders are now Frau, Herr, Firma, and Familie."


What do you call a large pork sausage that never dies and contains cubes of fat and visible spices?


This is a chance for a board clear and people are messing it up. Vote left so I don't have to cry? <3
RT 鈼解椊馃憯馃憯馃憯鈼解椊


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