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Do you ever look at the comments sections on newspaper websites and wonder who on earth these people are?

It turns out that in the case of the Daily Mail, up to 75% of them don't exist and are either DM staffers, contractors or bots.


slightly baffled as to why node and way identifiers are in separate, and potentially clashing, value spaces on . Is there no way/point/relation-agnostic identifier?

One of the challenges of being a consultant/contractor - not working on a client's interesting data stuff on days you're not being paid to do it...

Looking for more sources of audio/visual material in #publicdomain or #CreativeCommons or licenses giving similar freedom for creative (re)use.
Other than the 'classics' wikimedia, archive.org, ccsearch, openclipart, gutenberg.org, librivox, freemusicarchive, fontlibrary, freesound

Retoot to write a list together!

For the #OpenDesignCourse for refugees, starting on Monday.

its been so long I'd almost forgotten the conference was a thing... hope folks are having a good one

Running my ETL pipelines on my laptop has had the odd side effect that my local database is now in better shape than the official API it draws from.

Minor puzzlement and vexation: there are plenty of heavy metal (only) music festivals, and plenty of music festivals with no heavy rock bands at all, but there are almost no music festivals with *some* heavy rock bands in the mix of artists. I wonder why?

Another day of Python... and the challenges of doing integration testing for ETL processes.

Using #FreeSoftware to build a more democratic, inclusive and sustainable digital society - our interview with Francesca Bria, CTO of #Barcelona. fsfe.org/news/2018/news-201807 #publiccode

Oh look, decided to update itself to a new, more horrible version without asking me first.

Fosstodon.org is an instance focused on free and open-source software. Come join the conversation :)

Random mashup of the day - "Wham vs. Slayer - "Careless Whisper in the Abyss""

I am excited (and nervous) to announce the first Ada's Twitch Tech talks.

It's at 6.30pm BST (1.30pm EST, 10:30am PT) on Wednesday 6th June.

The topic, as chosen by twitter poll, is πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯ Isomorphic Rendering with HyperHTML. 🌟✨


Bing seems to respond to my searches for PSQL commands with T-SQL documentation. I'm not going to switch database platform just because you have a wonky search engine, Microsoft!

Thought I'd catch up on some marking for the uni course that I teach part time. Moodle is down. So is email. So is the university website...

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