Really frustrating that I can't boot a rasp pi image in an emulator. Don't have a keyboard/mouse/monitor and need to edit an image.

Anyone know a good iptables configuration to route all traffic over a vpn except for certain domains? Have the first part, can't find examples for the second.

Some Mastodon instances with higher security TLS configurations are not working in Tusky on Android 7.0. This is due to a regression in its system SSL library—fixed in Android 7.1—where the only supported elliptic curve is secp256r1.

As far as I know, there isn't anything that can be fixed on Tusky's part, aside from shipping its own SSL library, which is too big an undertaking.

Sorry to folks who can't use the app because of this.

Insurance totaled my truck today. I'll miss my girl...

Temp vehicle received. Never really wanted to drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee but it's pretty nice.

With this group I probably don't have to ask, but if anyone needs a account I have some invitations.

So following others, you can verify my identity on here by going to this link. A link for my public key is there as well.

After what I've read, I think the Tusky issues I"m having with it complaining about authenticating to the instance is due to me being on Android 7. I've seen some issues posted about it. But so far I can't find ANY Android app that works. :(

it would be nice if this would catch on and rip people from Twitters greedy grasp.

House Targaryen

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