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It has come to my attention through a game jam I'm hosting (), that there are quite a lot of people who'd like to make games, but simply don't know how. Don't worry though, I'm here to provide a load of resources for anyone with 0 experience can get started!

I'm posting the resources as a reply to this post, and I'll be categorizing them by what you'd like to learn, programming, actual gamedev or game design (some of the resources overlap a bit).

Also huge thanks to @neon for helping me gather these lists!

Boosts once again, appreciated!

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Indie and I try to be productive and do projects but maybe 70% of the time I'm actually browsing memes. Sometimes I do also non-gamedevey projects related to networking and other low-level stuff.

Also pretty artistic if I may say myself but as is with my gamedev habits, I don't tend to finish anything.

I have a website at and it covers a lot of who I am

Oh and I'm also a trans girl not that I like to especially make that "trans" part a part of my identity but some I might toot something related to it sometimes.

Hello fellow people of the fediverse, I have finally gone ahead and set up my own pleroma (with mastodon frontend) instance where I shall be residing from now on, as my island of solitude (similarily as for @neon ). I might open the doors for once I stay here for a while if I end up comfortable with the fact that my server won't explode with more people coming in.

Anyways, follow me here on now!

If I'll have any children in the future I'm going to become transparent.


green goblin's css and html wizardry is making my boy @neon lose his mind

send help

I know I have been quiet for quite long on mastodon only posting some posts from time to time but..

I gotta get this off my chest
Eat the rich

just giving a heads up that I haven't been on mastodon lately because I've been too occupied by Pokemon, will be working on glerminal once I finish this though! Pinkie promise!

Doom for switch is pretty neat, though it's pretty hard, since it is a console game and thumbsticks aren't a great experience in fps games, especially fast-paced ones.

Also played some shovel knight and as a souls-like hard games player I'm very much loving it so far!

I just bought Doom for Switch

Call me a heathen all you want, I don't care

I'm going to enjoy the heckeroni out of it

Goodnight my beautiful gays

I'm going to sleep~ ❤

I'd like to welcome our facebook refugee siblings (and other people that have made it over to mastodon) and just hope you have a swell time!

If you're interested about me, I have an actual introduction-post pinned, also some cool resources for cool gamedev stuff if you'd like to get into things!

I wonder if people are suddenly following me because of a followfriday and flood of facebook refugees or actually legitimately because I post cool gifs of dev stuff (follow me for cool gifs, I post cool gifs of cool stuff)

So I just ran cargo clean for the first time after initial release.

It freed up 30 gigabytes of memory on my disk.

What the fuck, rust.

Now that Facebook is going down because of privacy issues, it's users should *totally* move to mastodon.

Hi hi! A little update on what I've been working on

Here's a gif of the current menu systems which has TextInput, Buttons, TextLabels, and Checkboxes, which are updated by a CheckboxGroup that make them behave like radio buttons!

Cool stuff I think

Right, so the internet and my partner who btw is still awake and doing his thing are both quite boring so I better get some sleep I suppose

Good night, fediverse!

My partner is not interested in any sorts of unspecified activities as he is developing his crate so I am very bored


So yesterday I tried fixing the problem I had by upping the OpenGL support to 3.1


Gosh darn 3.0/3.1 isn't supported by some apple computers so I had to turn up the requirement up to 3.3 core, not tha it _really_ matters, but sure does grind my gears that I didn't realize that before.

Tfw I just tried to make my terminal support OpenGL 2.0/2.1 and did like 4 releases with the last of them just declaring that 3.1+ was required

Not enjoyable

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