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Teascade ☕ @teascade

Hi so apparently caddy has gone to shit and nginx is still commercial bullshit (and going downhill aswell apparently) so I was looking for alternatives for a proxy server. Anyone got suggestions? At first glance I found tinyproxy which seems good, but I'm not sure how secure and widely used is it.

@teascade after years of networking studies, knowing how to use a proxy, I still don't know WHY people use proxies???

@Efi I need to host multiple webservers on a single machine, so it just makes the whole thing a lot easier?

@teascade aaaaaah, that's a good reason, yeah! see? I just never considered it

@teascade caddy is bad now? Still haven't used it but it looked cool when people started talking about it

@bram Yeah they now require EULA for newer versions which makes the program non-free.

@teascade god, that's total bullshit, I hope they will change that .... :(

@bram So I'm not absolutely sure about this, but it seems like the source code is still ok so you could build it from souce without accepting the EULA, but like I said, I'm not entirely sure. The buildscript might require you to accept the EULA or something.

@teascade maybe we'll have some cool debian package that'll just remove that crap one day, that's still awful :/

@teascade nginx open source is good enough, commercial support gives you commercial support and that's it
is what i think

@Michcioperz Yeah I know, I'm not exactly enthusiastic on endorsing commercial software by using their open source counterpart, on top of which nginx is apparently going downhill as well. Too many features with too little maintenance or something like that I hear.

@teascade Yeah I have a feeling I heard it from the same person as you.
But I think commercial tiers of open source software (I consider Caddy and Nginx this way, not the other) are acceptable, as long as they don't artificially force users to pay (like Caddy does now)

@Michcioperz Fair enough, but I'd rather handicap myself a bit and endorse a fully FLOSS proxy server like tinyproxy than use Nginx open source version