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I just got an idea for an ActivityPub-compatible federated system which @neon helped me to solidify that's purpose would be to replace YouTube (kind-of).
Not really replace since I feel like I can't match YouTube quality-wise, but it's purpose would be the same.
I think this will be a neat project.

@bea @neon I think it might be but I just want to make this and I feel like if this would kickstart this would be like what mastodon was to gnusocial. Or something.

@teascade @neon hey by all means do what brings you joy pal! just thought i should mention it

@bea @neon Yeah don't worry, I do a lot of projects that in the end are pretty meaningless and might be worn-out ideas, it's just fun to fiddle around with these ideas :D

Now that I look at MediaGoblin's site and wikipedia I don't see a mention of it being ActivityPub compatible (nor especially mastodon compatible, which this would kind-of be), so maybe this project wouldn't be entirely worthless?

@teascade @neon you should talk to @cwebber whose project it is (AFAIK) and who is also VERY much involved in the development of AP

@bea @teascade @neon Heh MediaGoblin is the whole reason I got involved in standardizing ActivityPub. I should put the email I wrote to donors up on the MediaGoblin blog, but the tl;dr is that the great irony is that ActivityPub standardization efforts are what held me back from the implementation of AP in MediaGoblin. So that's a 2018 focus for me.

We'd be happy for your help in MediaGoblin but I also think multiple implementations here would be good for AP interop

Stay in touch regardless?

@cwebber @bea @neon I might, I'm a little scatterbrained though. I think what I'm intending on building is a bit different from MediaGoblin since it's supposed to replicate YouTube in the sense that Mastodon replicates Twitter, and be compatible with Mastodon in some regard. I'm not sure what MediaGoblin is right now though or what you're planning for it in the future, so it's a bit hard to say.

@cwebber@octodon.social The same for me: Only implementing now domain model of #ActivityPub /#ActivityStreams in my #AndStatus application I became deep enough aware of the specs' advantages and shortcomings... so I initiated another round of the spec fixes. Sorry that not months ago...
@bea @teascade @neon

@teascade @neon >I can't match YouTube quality-wise
This is the greatest miswording I've heard today, and I've heard "Git has a server" today (which is technically incorrect because what was meant by this was that there is some special server, and that's not exactly true)

@teascade @neon Yours? Because you can
That university dude's? Because he sounded more like if he was describing SVN than Git

@Michcioperz @neon Mine, obviously. What I meant at least (And I thought the wording was correct?) was that my server would probably be a lot less efficient and secure than youtube's or even mastodon's.
This problem is kind-of fixed with big communities and lots of contributions though, but the point remains I think.

@teascade @neon I agree with @Michcioperz, you absolutely can. The big pile of bloat that is youtube dot com has been unusable for years.

@eal @Michcioperz @neon Well I suppose, but YouTube (and mastodon) can handle traffic in probably magnitudes more than my servers could. I can't say for sure though since I kind-of view myself as a somewhat experienced programmer, but I still feel like what I would make would have a lot of optimization and security flaws.

I guess we'll see when and if I get started with it 😁

@teascade @eal @Michcioperz Federation will fix the server capacity problem.

Mostly because it guarantees a small user base 👉😉 👉

@teascade @neon @Michcioperz >YouTube (and mastodon) can handle traffic in probably magnitudes more than my servers could.
This is more of a bandwidth problem than anything, but decentralization helps. RoR isn't also exactly known for speed so Mastodon isn't unachievable.
What were you planning to write it in?

>I still feel like what I would make would have a lot of optimization and security flaws.
All software has flaws but they can be fixed. Using the right tools goes a long way (please don't do it in PHP)

@eal @neon @teascade Can I vote Elixir
I've seen enough OCaml in the last few weeks to understand Elixir

@Michcioperz @teascade @neon Elixir is pretty cool, I wanna try getting into it.

I mean it has PIPES and everything.

@eal @Michcioperz @neon I haven't exactly decided on it but I've been sitting on such a radical idea (proposed by @neon) as Rust

@teascade @eal @Michcioperz Use Rust for everything, missing libraries just means more opportunity to write more Rust

@neon @eal @Michcioperz Rust should also technically be safe and I think it should have the necessary libraries to write such servers. I don't honestly know what's all the jibber jabber about only using Java or Ruby for web servers.

@neon @eal @teascade The key to writing web apps in Rust is knowing to choose a sane framework like rouille and not the popular nightly choice

@Michcioperz @neon @eal What about Rocket.rs? I've been looking at it and it seems mighty nice

@teascade @neon @eal As I was saying, do not go with Rocket, I mean, Rouille feels much saner to me after I tried using both

@Michcioperz @neon @eal Yeah well after I found out rouille is made by tomaka I was sold aswell 😁

@lain @eal @Michcioperz @neon I could. I could also burn children in an oily barrel. I'm not going to though.

@lain @eal @Michcioperz @teascade Pleroma has quite the reputation to be compared to burning children in an oily barrel, dang.

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