Hello mastodon, I'm again here with a great gif demoing this terminal project I'm working on. I would probably declare it almost a ready crate to be published, I'll just make some tests and documentation first;

My last features were parsing and shaking!

@teascade How are you liking rust for game dev? I was considering diving in after a friend of mine has become a total rust convert (for largely non-game-dev purposes but he has played with building a small game in it)

@twisterghost it's very very nice! If you don't use "unsafe" unwraps and ok's, you'll end up with code that literally cannot panic, but it's very different to use than object oriented languages, since rust is largely quite functional and inheritation/"proper" references don't exist.

There is mutability and refrences but both of them are a bit nasty and usually you'll want to avoid them, that said if you do get into the rust mindset I think it's even better for games than Java/C++/etc.

@teascade Thats a pretty glowing endorsement. I've dabbled a bit, and while I appreciate its safety, the unwrapping felt tedious. I probably just need to get over it.

Any suggestions on good resources to get started with game dev in rust? Crates to check out? Articles?

@twisterghost I'm quite a beginner with rust, but here's a few I know of, I just use OpenGL (glutin) directly myself 😅 :

I'm going to tag @neon here since he probably knows some better links and resources.

@teascade @twisterghost Gamedev in Rust is quite WIP and I'd avoid it if you don't want to write at least half an engine. That said, Rust is great, games are just a pain to make :happyfelix:

That said, in addition to those links I'd mention ggez.rs, but I haven't looked into that very much, it just looks pretty nice. amethyst.rs/ also seems promising.

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