Hi hi! A little update on what I've been working on

Here's a gif of the current menu systems which has TextInput, Buttons, TextLabels, and Checkboxes, which are updated by a CheckboxGroup that make them behave like radio buttons!

Cool stuff I think

Hello all you beautiful people! As of this , I have decided to demonstrate the latest feature to my glerminal;

Menus (WIP)! You can now add menus, which can have labels and text inputs, and later other very cool things aswell!

Also I'm starting to use for all my GLerminal devlog posts, and for those who don't know what it is, here's the github, it's really cool and you should check it out: github.com/Teascade/glerminal

As my latest and wildest feature to the terminal I've began working on a menu-system where you're going to have all kinds of buttons, inputs, checkboxes, windows and all those crazy goofers!

It's going to be an optional feature that you can include (or not) anytime you want.

Anyways, here's a nifty gif of my work-in-progress TextInput!

Hello, frendos!

Remember the terminal I talked about? Well I just released it to the wild (on crates.io)

There are tests, examples, whatever you need;

Have fun!


(Also here's a gif of my input example for you, who like gifs!)

Hello mastodon, I'm again here with a great gif demoing this terminal project I'm working on. I would probably declare it almost a ready crate to be published, I'll just make some tests and documentation first;

My last features were parsing and shaking!

I just wrote a parser for my terminal which I posted a few days ago and I think it's working pretty well!

Oh also, I've been working on terminal crate that I've written with rust using just opengl, png crate and my sfl_parser (which I just posted about)

Not 100% sure why it runs at such a low FPS currently, but there's still a lot of optimization to be done anyways.

I think it's pretty cool. I'll publish it in a bit, but for now it's on my private git.

So apparently unity's building is truly truly broken or something, some of my materials go entirely unlit black or something after building and this is just. not acceptable at all.

Nice job unity


I've been a bit busy with stuff but now I have less stuff to do so I have a bit more time to do the gamedev stuff.

So here's a key and padlock mechanism (and a quick view overall) I've made to the game at it's current state!


PSA: So I just found out that windows uses this setting called Bass Management by default which absolutely ruins bass if you have any even semi-decent priced headphones which can in-fact hear bass. It raises the frequency of the bass so cheap headphones can hear the frequencies, but it absolutely ruins the quality. How to toggle this setting:


So now I have some lamps which I think have quite neat functionality of not functioning if you're mean to them social.targaryen.house/media/6

Welp, It's 9:30 in the morning. Time to go to sleep I guess. Teabat (kind-of) away. Cya in like 3-9 hours or so. social.targaryen.house/media/i

So I just figured out how to make my links work in my entirely CSS-based menu system. Trust me, it wasn't easy.


So I'm making a general-use CSS for websites to use for a retrofuturistic "RP universe" we're developing with @neon and this is what I got so far

You'll hear a bit more later about this project once I get the git repo up with some readme's ❤ 😁


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